Advanced PDF to HTML Flipbook generator

Advanced PDF to HTML Flipbook generator is WinForms application that takes a PDF file and generates a HTML Flipbook. You can choose the type of images generated (png, jpeg, bmp),Navbar. This application also allows the user to select a background image and/or color. PDF to HTML Flipbook generator simply helps you convert all your PDFs to HTML Flipbooks.


App Features

  • Turn your PDF to a HTML flipbook in seconds. :chuckle:
  • No HTML or JS required to generated a flipbook just one click. :bigwink:
  • 12+ background patterns to choose from. :chuckle:
  • 5+ navbar buttons to choose from. :bigwink:
  • Ability to control the dimensions of the generated flipbook. :chuckle:
  • Nice and clean user interface (Check screenshots). :bigwink:
  • Well documented. :chuckle:
  • Upload your own background image/pattern. :bigwink:
  • Upload your own navbar buttons image/pattern. :chuckle:
  • Generate single or double page flipbook. :bigwink:

Video Preview :

Change Log :

– 1.0: First Release
– 2.0 : Fix issue of blank image and other bugs.

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