Flutter E-Commerce UI Kit

Flutter E-Commerce UI Kit - 1

Flutter E-Commerce UI Kit - 2
Flutter E-Commerce UI Kit - 3
Flutter E-Commerce UI Kit - 4
Flutter E-Commerce UI Kit - 5
Flutter E-Commerce UI Kit - 6
Flutter E-Commerce UI Kit - 7
Flutter E-Commerce UI Kit - 8
Flutter E-Commerce UI Kit - 9
Flutter E-Commerce UI Kit - 10
Flutter E-Commerce UI Kit - 11
Flutter E-Commerce UI Kit - 12
Flutter E-Commerce UI Kit - 13

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Flutter E-Commerce UI Kit - 14

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Flutter E-Commerce UI Kit - 15

Flutter E-commerce UI Kit

Flutter is an open-source mobile application development SDK created by Google.
It is used to develop applications for Android and iOS, as well as being the
primary method of creating applications for Google Fuchsia, Flutter widgets
incorporate all critical platform differences such as scrolling, navigation,
icons and fonts to provide full native performance on both iOS and Android.

Flutter Ecommerce UI KIT is an application that you can use in android and ios devices. It contains 60+
screens(34 light theme, 31 dark theme), Flutter Ecommerce UI KIT will save you time and money so that you may focus on the server-side application.
Firebase authentication is also supported by the app, it currently works out of the box with Email/Password combo & Google Account credentials.

Application Features:

  • Clean Code and a well structured projet hierarchy
  • Fully responsive UI
  • Best practices for UI & UX
  • Supports multiple Languages
  • Supports multiple Themes
  • Supports Firebase Auth (email/password and Google Account)
  • Dark and light modes
  • Uses Animation Controllers
  • Easy to customize

Application Layout:

  • Splash Screen
  • OnBoarding screen 1
  • OnBoarding screen 2
  • OnBoarding screen 3
  • Login Page
  • Forgot password page
  • Check inbox page
  • Sign up Page
  • Verification Code Page
  • Home Page Landing View
  • Home Page Search Result
  • Drawer
  • Products Detail Page
  • Reviews Bottom Sheet
  • Review page
  • Notifications Page (Empty)
  • Notifications Page (Full)
  • Filters Page
  • Category Page
  • Promotion Page
  • Favorite Page
  • ShoppingCart Page (Empty)
  • ShoppingCart Page (Full)
  • Order Validation Page (Credit Card)
  • Order Validation Page (Delivery Address)
  • Order Validation Page (Order Validation)
  • Settings Page
  • Edit Profile Page
  • Default Address Page
  • Languages Page
  • Themes Page
  • Success Dialog
  • Error Dialog
  • Loading page

Change log:

V1.1.0   |    02/02/2021
Firebase auth with google provider a/o email/password combo
Password reset page + functionality
Email sent page
Loading page
Cleaning code
Update the documentation
V1.0.0   |    08/01/2021
Initial Release

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