Rss News App

Rss News App

Get our hands on the best RSS application! Use RSS App to stay up to date on your favorite new.
Rss News App is a free tool which helps you to easily manage RSS Feed and
read all your RSS feeds at one place.An a very Simple RSS reader which does not do much fancy stuffs as other readers,
just to read or save rss feeds published by websites. just enter the website url and RSS app will find out the rss link from it. Or you could directly
click on the rss link from the website using your mobile and RSS app will open can make your own application.


  • Add Unlimited RSS Feed Urls
  • Add/Update Urls From Code(Assets Folder)
  • XML Base Parsing
  • View more details of each feed through the Apps
  • Add Your Favorite News in Favorite Mode
  • Push Notification
  • Clean and Neat reading of Feeds
  • Easy to set-up and Manage Feeds
  • Share on Social Networks
  • Easy to use with very beautiful user interface
  • Easy To Customize
  • Android studio Project
  • About Us
  • Well Documentation
  • AdMob Integrate(Banner & Interstitial)
  • Download Apk

    Change Log

* Change design
* Update sdk and libraries
* 29 target support
* Android studio 4.0.1 support
* Android studio code

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