Head Gestures Swipe – Touchless – (Face Detection)

Control Your App With Face Gestures

With 3D Motion Sense technology, it looks like our way of interacting with phones is going to change soon. Touchless interactions have a promising future for sure, with Apple’s most ambitious product to date— AR glasses—already under development.
While the True Depth technology on the front iPhone camera does allow you to add eye-tracking features to your applications, it is only available on iPhone X and above. Luckily, we can leverage Firebase’s ML Kit to help us. Specifically, ML Kit’s Face Detection API does a lot more than just face detection on the device. Some of the features that ML Kit’s Face Detection supports are:

You’ll be able to wink or turn your head to perform a swipe​ or touch.​

Face tracking​

Face tracking​

Face classification​

​Swipe – Touch – Click with just your head gestures. No Need To Touch!

2 ways to integrate the feature:

  • Copy your app’s coding to this app;
  • Copy this app’s code in your app;

Thirdly, contact us and we will help you out!​

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