WooCommerce Coupon Messages

This extension for WooCommerce allows to override the default messages for coupons.

Tested with the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce, even though those might not yet appear under Compatible With on this page.


WooCommerce 2.x is required!


You are welcome to post questions and suggestions on the plugin page.

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Generic messages and error messages can be overridden for coupons in general and also per coupon.

Use more informative messages than Coupon does not exist!, Please enter a coupon code. … and many other default messages. Use HTML to provide links to useful pages and inform potential customers about offers and alternatives!

Here’s an example that overrides the rather boring Coupon code applied successfully. message:

Customized Message Example - Coupon Applied

If a customer tries to apply a coupon code that doesn’t exist, help them find the right one instead of just saying Coupon does not exist!:

Customized Message Example - Coupon Does Not Exist

Many other possibilities are available, messages can be changed for all coupons in general and for individual coupons you can also define specific messages.


See more details on this extension’s Documentation page.

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