Love Calculator

This short game is a calculator in which you input your name and your lover’s name and receive a rating on how strong the love is. It’s a light-hearted and fun activity that is very eye-catching. You can check many different names to find your perfect love match.

The game also includes a history section so you can view all of your searches and results. There are an ad removal button and another button that reveals beautiful quotes about love that you can scroll through by pressing the “next button.”

This Is One of The Easiest Reskins Ever!
It’s a simple app that many users will be drawn to, and it’s also one of the easiest to reskin and make your own. You don’t need to work with a lot of different features or objects in order to customize it and make it brand new.

Doesn’t require a skilled programmer
Ready to be published
Complete project
Colorful game items
A dynamic system for reskinning
Vertical Orientation
Easy to reskin
Option to turn off ads for a price
Changing quotes feature

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