WPHelpere Knowledge Base for WordPress plugin

WPHelpere is a Knowledge Base WordPress plugin which supports for multiple products or services in a single WordPress install.

WPHelpere is a super crafted knowledge base for WordPress plugin to create a self-service platform for your customers. WPHelpere is the best and suitable plugin to provide knowledge base support for your multiple products as well as for a single product.

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Addition of unlimited Products and Categories is effortless in WPHelppere and article management is much more effective. Optimized codebase, URL structure, and finely designed content system of WPHelpere will be a greater support for your KB articles to achieve better rank in the search engine results.

Optimized Ajax live search helps your customers to get instant results. No coding knowledge is required to build a Knowledgebase when you have the power of WPHelpere. The responsiveness of WPHelpere leverage to your customers to access contents of knowledgebase through all devices. WPHelpere fits perfectly for all your needs from a small niche product to complex products.

WPHelpere Features
WPHelpere articles Sorting
WPHelpere knowledge base analytics

All Features

  • Create Knowldege base system for Multiple Products and Services
  • Supports Single Product or Service also
  • 3 Products showcase layouts
  • Create multiple Categories
  • AJAX Live search
  • Create FAQs for each products or services
  • Drag and Drop Product Sorting feature
  • Drag and Drop Category Sorting feature
  • Drag and Drop Topics Sorting for each Categories
  • 1800+ Font Icons included
  • Ajax based Topics voting
  • Articles Analytics and Reports
  • RTL Support
  • Translation Ready
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Dedicated Knowledge base
  • More features are brewing


Changelog 1.2.5 - 2 Feb, 2021
* New: Simplified grouping for FAQs for placing FAQ groups in any place or pages.
* New: Added option to show articles count for each categories.

Changelog 1.2.4 - 5 Jan, 2021
* New: Added options to set custom text for Like and dislike buttons.
* Fixed: Color picker issue in call to action widget.
* Improved options framework for options tab selection.

Changelog 1.2.3 - 28 Dec, 2020
* New: New Knowledge base type added (Single level categories).
* New: Option to reconfigure knowledge base type added.
* New: Option show/hide sidebar on single topic page.
* New: Field for adding dedicated short description to Search results.
* Improved css styles.

Changelog 1.2.2 - 19 Dec, 2020
* New: Top viewed topics widget added.
* New: Top rated topics widget added
* New: Call to Action Widget added.
* New: Improved WordPress shortcodes for Products and Categories.
* Fixed: Icon picker display error corrected.

Changelog 1.2.1 - 30 Nov, 2020
* Fixed: css improvements

Changelog 1.2 - 29 Nov, 2020
* New: Knowledge base Reports and Analytics feature added.
* New: Topics views feature added.
* New: Widget to list Most viewed topics under each products and categories.
* New: 2 new (Circle product image and Centered icon) products display styles added.
* Fixed: Product image not added when creating new product.
* Fixed: Load more posts ajax unwanted request on category page.
* Compressed css and js files for faster loading.

Changelog 1.0.1 - 16 Nov, 2020
* New: Added Icon style and Circle image style options for Products/Services catalog.
* New: Added option to add link to support ticket system in article single page.
* Improved plugin setup process.

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