Finalmenu – prestashop menu

Finalmenu - prestashop menu - 1

Finalmenu - prestashop menu - 2

Finalmenu - prestashop menu - 3

Finalmenu - prestashop menu - 4

Customers feedback

Finalmenu - prestashop menu - 5


Initial Release


major bug fixes


FIX - problem with jquery loading
NEW - add new block - search, cms pages


FIX- adding multiple same blocks
NEW - grip category view
NEW - animations on hover
FIX - highlighting selected manufacturers
FIX - mobile menu line height


NEW - simple menu categories now has depth limit


NEW - multistore support


UPDATE - html escaping is now on client site
FIX - layerd navigation breaks the layout. 
FIX - cms categories whrere not generated coretly
NEW - sticky menu full width option
NEW - 12 columns layout
NEW - using of animations.css => demo 3
NEW - floating option for blocks
NEW - link block
NEW - menu now uses very effectivly cache.  


UPDATE - code refactoring
FIX - performance, redirects fix
FIX - animations speed
NEW -  safe updates


FIX - logic bug, multiple tabs with same blocks were not displayed correctly


FIX - simple menu custom link title does not save


NEW - docs was extended
NEW - new video
NEW - data model
NEW - tabs builder UX was improved


NEW - vertical menu
NEW - backoffice UX was improved
FIX - multiple html tabs bug


FIX - back office js did work in Firefox (only related to version 1.2)


FIX - menu duplication after installation


FIX - missing CSS when leftHook triggered before hookTop

Credits to animate.css

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