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Live Streaming powered by for Belloo Dating Software

You need Belloo – Complete Premium Dating Software to run this plugin

-Allows to live streaming from the webcam to the whole world

List of plugin features:

  • Show private stream modal
    If enabled when the stream is private it will display a well designed modal saying that the stream is private
  • Disable Print Screen
    If enabled the users cant take screenshots in the live section
  • View stream only for premium users
    If enabled the users that are not premium cant see live streams
  • Stream sneak peek
    If Stream only for premiums is enabled but you want to allow users to see “X” amount of seconds, you can set here, in seconds how much free users can see before the stream is not visible anymore
  • Gender allowed to start a live stream
    Set which gender of your site can start a live stream
  • Only verified user can start a live stream
    If enabled do not allow to stream users that are not verified
  • Only verified user can view stream
    If enabled do not allow to view live stream if user is not verified
  • Transfer gift credits
    If enabled the credits price from gifts recieved in the live broadcast will be added to the streamer balance
  • Private Stream
    If enabled streamers are allowed to make their stream private, will be accessible only for those that pay the credits fee setted by the streamer
  • Custom stream message
    If enabled when the user is previewing the camera, allows the user to add a custom message that will show to every one as first message
  • Admin custom message
    For show a custom message in all streams bellow the streamer custom message write it here, if you leave it empty it will show nothing
  • Announce new visitor in chat
    If enabled when the user start vieweing the stream it will be announced in the chat for everybody
  • Announce when a viewer leaves
    If enabled when a user leaves the stream it will be announced in the chat for everybody

Streaming Server

We all know that streaming services are expensive and kinda confuse, after a lot of research we found the best streaming service provider, with best rate in quality/price we use , they have a free plan to start.

So you wont need to pay a cent at the begining

Live Streaming - Belloo Dating Software - 3

Live PreviewDownload Now

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