Gridzy – Responsive and Justified Image Grid Gallery

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Gridzy – Responsive and Justified Image Grid Gallery - 1


Gridzy.js is a justified gallery, that is built for HTML beginners as well as for power users. The basic usage is incredibly simple and can be learned within a few seconds. But the real power of Gridzy.js is its flexibility. You can use your very own semantic HTML and can style the gallery as you like. The built-in filter system and the API allow a very dynamic use.


2.2.0 – August 2nd 2019

  • New “destroy” method
  • New “syncChild” method
  • New demo in package
  • Minor optimizations for rare implementations
  • Version number no longer in file names

2.1.3 – July 19th 2019

  • Fixed a small issue with lazy loading feature if scroll event came from an element other than the window.

2.1.2 – July 11th 2019

  • Fixed a small issue of the lazy loading feature if srcset attributes are used for img tags.

2.1.1 – April 11th 2019

  • bugfix for FF (in some cases, Firefox did not recognize the image sizes correctly)

2.1.0 – March 21st 2019

  • Two new options for “justified” layout

2.0.0 – October 25th 2018

  • everything new

1.3 – May 11th 2016

  • bugfix for FF and IE (slow loading images where distorted sometimes)
  • bugfix for FF and Chrome (slow loading images where displayed in original size and over the grid sometimes)
  • bugfix for Chrome (sometimes the grid couldn’t render correctly after reloading the page)

1.2 – April 13th 2016

  • various implementations for better loading behaviour:
    – new option “preventInitialAnimation” (false by default)
    – prevent jumping elements during loading by usage of width and height attributes.
    – lazy loading – to load only visible images

1.1 – March 25th 2015

  • minor bugfix for old android browsers (images where distorted in certain configurations)
  • additional demo example included: combined with photoswipe

1.0 – Jan. 10th 2015

  • published

Gridzy – Responsive and Justified Image Grid Gallery - 2

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