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Feel free to check the new version of Messenger v2.0 on the author profile.


Direct Messenger Template written on Swift, which use Google Firebase as backend.

This template (codename Furfur) made for startups and companies who want to keep a connection with their customers or employees by sending direct messages. It uses Firebase Realtime Database for quick communication and push notifications to notify about new messages.

Just in one day, you can build the messager by following documentation that goes with a bundle. Connection to firebase goes with a simple replacing file and placing it in the project directory (video included).
So, don’t wait, it’s just a few clicks to deploy it.

Technical requirements

  • mac OS
  • Latest Xcode (free on Mac AppStore)
  • Cocoapods (it’s open source and easy to install)


  • Easy to start
  • Latest XCode 11
  • Support iOS 10+
  • Swift 5.0 ready
  • Push Notifications with Cloud functions
  • Search users by names
  • Admob monetization (simple configuration)
  • Analytics (build-in and it’s just works)
  • Email and/or Google and/or Facebook authorization enabled
  • Real-time Messages

Change Log

Version 2.1
- migrated to Swift 5.0
- show all contacts

Version 2.0
- optimize for iOS 12+ with large headers
- show dates for chat and messages
- refresh design with shadows and outlines
- improved documentation
- better search in contacts
- added cloud function for push notifications
- migrated to Swift 4.0

Version 1.2
- bugs fixes and improvements:
- new profile screen with bio
- Cloud functions (can be updated with firebase deploy from /Cloud folder)
- UI refreshed

Thank you!

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