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Transition Slider is unique innovative image and video slider with seamless transitions and responsive animated layers.

Showcase your images and videos in your website across all browsers & devices with this unique and most powerful Slider around. Create beautiful responsive slideshow, image slider, video slider, layer slider with animated layers and effects Slide, Fade, Zoom, Warp, Crossfade, Flash, Twirl, Roll, Stretch.

Next-Gen Transitions

Bring your website to new level with transition effects only seen in professional videos. Impress visitors with original animations that will catch their attention. Transition Slider enables you to use video editing effects inside your website. It includes advanced effects like motion blur, radial blur, flash, fade and crossfade.

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Transition Slider - Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin - 6Transition Slider - Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin - 7
Transition Slider - Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin - 8Transition Slider - Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin - 9
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Easy to use

Build sliders in minutes and embed them anywhere in your website. Visual slide editor and professionally designed templates make this slider easy to use and fully customizable.

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Slider Templates

Transition Slider includes slider templates for easy start. Choose one of prebuilt templates, then replace images and edit slide elements and your slider is ready.

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View All Templates

Animated Layers

Completely new Layer editor gives you ability to design your slides easily by adding animated Text, Image, Button and Video elements, with advanced settings for each element. Each element has In animation, Out animation with customisable duration and delay.

Transition Slider - Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin - 14

Transition Slider - Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin - 15

Mobile and Tablet Settings

With mobile and tablet settings you can create fully responsive slider that will look great on all devices. You can have different slider size (portrait on mobile, landscape on desktop and tablet) and change any setting for layer elements (font size, position, spacing)

Transition Slider - Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin - 16

NEW (2.11) – Line Transitions

Transition between slides using a line that reveals next slide.

Transition Slider - Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin - 17

Draggable Slides

Transition Slider has draggable slides, which makes awesome WebGL effects even more attractive. You can drag slides with touch or mouse, in both directions.

Lazy Loading

Slider starts to load when it becomes visible on screen, so you can have multiple sliders on the same oage with fast page loading time. You ca also have slider lower on the page, which will make site load even faster.

High Performance

Slider is rendering only when it is visible in viewport, so you can have multiple full width sliders on the page without problem. This enables you to create rich website with animations, videos and images with high performance.

Touch Slider

Transition Slider has draggable slides, which makes awesome effects even more attractive. You can drag slides with touch or mouse, in both directions

Transition Slider - Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin - 18

TRY – Download Free Demo

1. uninstall the current version of the plugin
2. install the new version of the plugin

Date: 2/2/2021
Version: 2.15.0

*   A new option that allows a true responsive and fullscreen slider regardless of the width and height of the container of the template in which it is located. The options are forceFullscreen and forceResponsive.
*   Added new transition SpinEffect + RadialBlurShader.
*   From now on slider options can also be specially tuned for mobile, tablet and desktop.
*   We added device buttons (mobile, tablet and desktop) to Preview Slider.
*   Due to the expansion of text effects, we were forced to rearrange the typing effect that you can currently find under Effect 9. You can also find an additional 14 new effects that are perfect for text elements.
*   Start and End animations, Transition animation selectors are now visual with live examples.
*   Video background autoplay can now be turned on and off.

*   Font menu in Layer Editor improved, from now on you can visually see what the font you want to choose looks like.
*   Fixed and adjusted templates to look good on mobile and tablet.
*   From now on, Custom CSS options are also changed live within the Layer Editor.
*   You no longer need to worry about which protocol the slider assemblies are on (http / https) and which protocol the slider is displayed on, CORS policy is fixed in this version.

*   We fixed the Duplicate button in the Layer Editor in the menu when the user right-clicks the mouse.
*   Text element font size issues, sometimes to change the font size, the font is not well displayed on the slider.
*   Text element margin issue while using external WP themes like Astra.
*   Firefox issue could not delete already entered values.
*   Layer editor - The heading element had additional margins for larger font sizes.
*   Elements that had an absolute position could not move the position with arrows or drag.
*   In the Layer editor, the left menu sometimes had wrong categories displayed for certain items.
*   Sometimes the button on the last layer took over the click events on all the previous buttons.

Date: 25/11/2020
Version: 2.14.0

*   Very big change for the elements on the layer, we made a completely different and fast implementation that will soon bring something very big!
*   We've visually changed the Dashboard to have even more visibility and space to create your sliders
*   Slide settings and All elements are switched to heading in the left menu inside the Layer editor. To be always easily accessible
*   We changed the Text element to Text Editor where you now have a small editor where you can add various text styles
*   Added new element "heading" with default tag h2
*   In the layer Editor under the Transition category, we added a small question mark for each option on hover you get an explanation of what that option does and what its range is
*   Added option "Reset video on slide change" - resetVideos
*   Thumbnails assets added in all templates
*   Added lightbox and thumbnails templates as an example
*   Added 6 new simple templates

*   Huge transition improvements, from now on all transitions have higher FPS with better blur
*   Improved small bugs in some templates
*   Some templates have improved transitions
*   Moving the button in the Layer editor now works smoothly
*   The iFrame can be moved normally through the Layer editor like other elements
*   Position of save message inside Dashboard is fixed
*   Change on global variables to avoid collision with other global variables of other plugins
*   Significant acceleration at fast element selection changes in Layer editors

*   Fixed that multiple sliders on one page can work with thumbnails included
*   Fixed a situation where the selected element was inside the Layer editor and when some input was clicked and the arrows on the keyboard were clicked the selected element was moving
*   In absolute element movement, the position elements x and y were large decimal numbers
*   Fixed input fields for Safari
*   Fixed copying shortcodes on some browsers

*   Video tutorial - How to use General Slider options

Date: 4/11/2020
Version: 2.13.0

*   RESET VIDEO PLAYBACK on slide change
*   NEW SLIDER MODE: On click open slider in lightbox
*   NEW IMAGE AND VIDEO FILE SUPPORT: Video (".mp4", ".m4a", ".m4p", ".m4b", ".m4r", ".m4v", ".webm", ".ogg") | Image (".jpg", ".jpeg", ".png", ".bmp", ".webp")

*   Layer editor significant speed improvement
*   Shaders and rendering improved and faster

*   Rendering transitions on tab change
*   Resize texture size fix

Date: 21/10/2020
Version: 2.12.1

*   Shortcode "Copy" button is working on all browsers, also manual select is available

*   Multiple sliders render fix
*   Fixed issue with global variables and conflicts with some plugins

Date: 20/10/2020
Version: 2.12.0

*   NEW ELEMENT: added a new iFrame element has come to town!
*   Added more options for slider thumbnails
*   Slider options now have unit dropdown menu px,%
*   Implemented text style templates

*   We replaced the color picker with better, faster and stronger options
*   More precise relative / absolute positions for elements
*   Accelerated slider loading
*   Added many button templates
*   Slider shadow effects now have a visual selector
*   Elements animations reorganized
*   Each layer element has for a particular option an adequate unit in the dropdown menu
*   "Save" and "Back" buttons added in Layer editor to reduce confusion when closing Layer editor
*   If the shortcode cannot be copied via the COPY button, it is now possible to manually select the text of the shortcode
*   Transition effects enhanced, accelerated and optimized for fast operation

Date: 28/9/2020
Version: 2.11.0

*   Thumbnails are added: Ability to turn on thumbnails in all positions (up, down, left, right)
*   10 new "Line" transitions
*   In the layer editor the options have a dropdown menu (px,%)
*   Added new Premium Template - Travel Adventure
*   Added new Premium Template - Photograph
*   Added new Premium Template - Business Corporate
*   Added new Premium Template - Agency theme
*   Added new Premium Template - Spa
*   Added new Premium Template - Clothing Collection Shop

*   Refactoring template settings, moving empty options
*   Organization in Layer Editor, grouping options

*   Fixed an issue with the stopOnLastSlide option when the first slide was attempted to move to the left the image was missing
*   The trackpad scroll skipped 2 slides

Date: 4/9/2020
Version: 2.10.0

*   Added new option to Video settings: Start video muted, now is possible to start video muted or unmuted

*   Changed Slider Settings Tab [Buttons] -> [Video]
*   Fixed issue where video sound was playing while slider preview was closed

Date: 31/8/2020
Version: 2.9.0

*   Added new Premium Template - Gym
*   Added new Premium Template - Car 2

*   Fixed all issues related with new WordPress 5.5 update

Date: 23/7/2020
Version: 2.8.0

*   Added new Premium Template - Fashion
*   Added on click lightbox feature for image and video elements on slide
*   Corssfade effect with new directions

*   Layer editor - Button template now is applying correct font family
*   All preloader styles are in the center
*   Fixed issue with shadow effect under slider
*   Resolved issues with parallax
*   Export sliders JSON is much cleaner, removed unused properties

Date: 16/7/2020
Version: 2.7.0

*   Added new Premium Template - Sport news
*   Added letter spacing property in layer editor
*   Added preview button inside slider templates thumbnails

*   Font family and font weights are now visible on change inside layer editor

*   Sliders dashboard - preview slider inside thumbnail is now working for multiple slider previews

Date: 2/7/2020
Version: 2.6.3

*   Fix for delete element inside layer editor

Date: 24/6/2020
Version: 2.6.2

*   Mouse wheel slider navigation
*   Added new Premium Templates
*   New preloader styles

*   New implementation for layer elements style, faster and more compatible with custom templates
*   PNG slide transparency fix
*   Improved old Premium Templates with new features
*   Layer fixes and improvements
*   Layer editor fixes and improvements

Date: 28/4/2020
Version: 2.5.0

*   Added mobile and tablet options for elements
*   Added new Premium Templates

*   Transitions performance improvement
*   Content mode fix
*   Slider target URL fix
*   Font loading improvements

Date: 26/3/2020
Version: 2.3.0

*   Added CSS selector for Menu inverting colors (perfect for situations where slider is under website menu)
*   Overlay color (between layer and background)
*   Added new set of options called Layer (all set of changes related to size of slider on different devices)
*   Navigation tab is extended with new options (possible to change color of navigation), choose style of navigation visually
*   Pagination tab is extended with new options (possible to change color of pagination), choose style of pagination visually
*   Text element with new animation Typing, many options to create beautiful typing animations

*   Added few more Premium Templates
*   Text element with new option: HTML Tag
*   Under Style options for each element added Margin options
*   Fixed small visual details over Dashboard and Layer Editor

Date: 16/12/2019
Version: 2.2.0

*   Added slider background overlay color
*   Content mode for layers
*   Parallax for layer elements and background image or video
*   Video layer element
*   Progress animation for layer - fade, translate...
*   Lazy loading for multiple sliders on page. Slider is loading and rendering only if visible on website.
*   Added Desktop / Tablet / Mobile view inside slide editor

*   Transitions improvement - blur position & quality, transition duration, change slide on drag
*   Layer size can be "px" or "%" 
*   Moved layer size options from slide to slider
*   Layer editor improvements

*   Autoplay timer is properly resetting on slider change

Date: 11/11/2019
Version: 2.1.1

*   Fixed Gutenberg block

Date: 07/11/2019
Version: 2.1.0

*   Fixed copy/paste multiple elements on layer
*   Fixed move issue for multiple selected elements
*   Fixed switching slides with arrows inside layer editor
*   Fixed delete content text refresh in Text element

Date: 30/10/2019
Version: 2.0.3

*   Fixed visual issue with Brightness Effect

Date: 29/10/2019
Version: 2.0.2

*   TEMPLATES are included!

*   Fixed visual issue with video slide buttons

Date: 24/10/2019
Version: 2.0.1

*   Added new shortcode parameters

*   Fixed shortcode name parameter

Date: 21/10/2019
Version: 2.0.0

*   Finally! SLIDER TEMPLATES are here!
*   NEW Slider editor - redesign with improvement:
    - Slide settings: new feature added "Full slide link" 
    - A layers popup window with copy feature also draggable layer items to arrange which item is under or above
    - Move items on a layer with a mouse or keyboard. Hold SHIFT + arrows to move an element by 10 pixels.
    - Right-click on an element and discover a new menu with Delete, Copy, Paste and Duplicate.
    - Switch between slides with left/right arrows
    - Copy/Paste elements between slides (Hold Shift and click on multiple elements right-click and select Copy, move to next slide and Paste selected elements there)
    - Copy/Paste elements with keyboard (Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V for Windows and Cmd+C / Cmd+V for Mac users)
    - TEMPLATES for button element
    - Each element is extended with many new settings and hover parameters
    - Layer size option for mobile and tablet
*   NEW Dashboard - redesign with improvement:
    - Select multiple sliders or only one for Export feature
    - The added dropdown menu to select all or none sliders
    - Live preview slider before saving
    - New fullscreen slider preview
*   Slider settings:
    - Under the "size" tab find new responsive parameters (responsive ratio for all devices: desktop, tablet, and mobile)
    - Define breakpoint width for devices (Tablet screen width and mobile screen width)
    - Loading with change text and background color feature
*   transition progress between slides on touch move/drag
*   GUTENBERG Supported

*   Fixed many issues with layers, elements positioning, loading...
*   smoother transitions

Date: 10/5/2019
Version: 1.2.0

*   slide layers - click on element inside layer editor will show elements settings
*   now is possible to duplicate slide inside slider settings
*   improved quality of images and videos for mobile devices

*   fixed issue with THREE.js and swiper.js conflicts and overwrite state with other plugins
*   fixed slider stuck issue if ratio responsive is used
*   fixed issue with delete, preview and reordering slides
*   slider shadow is back again

Date: 4/5/2019
Version: 1.1.0

*   slide layers - Add button, add text and add image
*   hash navigation
*   responsive ratio
*   responsive height


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