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Opencart Vehicle Parts Finder - Make/Model/Year - 5

“Opencart Vehicle Filter Module” is best module for vehicle or vehicle parts website. We can show filter module anywhere like as opencart default module(left,right,top,bottom). Admin can add make, model and year from backhand and also add each product make, model and year. Admin can add multiple make, model and multiple year so its best module for vehicle filter.

Opencart Vehicle Parts Finder - Make/Model/Year - 6

  • Admin can add unlimited make model year data.
  • Admin can assing unlimited make model year data for any product.
  • Admin can import or export make model year data
  • When import admin can auto assing with product using product id.
  • Multiple language system like opencart.
  • Customer can rememeber his previouse parts history.
  • Vertical and Horizontal seperate template.
  • Show product parts details into product page.
  • Faster search.
  • Support ready.

Opencart Vehicle Parts Finder - Make/Model/Year - 7

Opencart Vehicle Parts Finder - Make/Model/Year - 8


= 3.0 =
* Add admin make model year page pagination.
* Update plugin for opencart new version.
* Remember my parts feature added.
* Multiple language.
* Import and Export module added.
* Horizontal and Vertical diffrent layout added.
* Product details page parts tab added.
* Faster search then before.
* Fixed some issues.
* For opencart new and latest version added ocmod solution.

= 2.0 =
* Update module for opencart new version.
* Fixed some issues like admin cannot delete assing make model year data.

= 1.1 =
* Assing multiple make model year for any product
* Fixed some issues.

= 1.0 =
* Launched the initial version of the plugin.

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