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News and Updates – July 26, 2011

After a long hiatus of updates for this, here is an update. It fixes the uploaded files issue, some mail issues, and adds a bit more security. Simply overwrite/merge the files to update, or upload the files and navigate to http://yourdomain.com/quicktick/update.php.

For questions on updating, simply view the Quicktick_v2.2.pdf documentation contained within the zip, or Click Here. Additional features include:

  • Ticket Assigning to Unlimited Admins/Managers/Staff
  • Advanced “Forgot Password” feature
  • Numbers/Linked Replies to Messages
  • Greater control over templating in emails
  • Incorporation of SwiftMailer.com, SMTP, Sendmail, and Mail()
  • General Code optimization and general fixes
  • Easily install and update process!


QuickTick is a full-featured online help-desk and ticket support system. It is powered by PHP and MySQL with a touch of jQuery to provide for a seamless and perfect experience.

Requirements and Features

QuickTick runs on PHP 5+ and MySQL 4+. Tested on ThePlanet, SiteGround and BlueHost and all work fine without a hitch. Any host with Fantastico DeLuxe should work fine. QuickTick features everything you’d expect from an enterprise helpdesk, like:

Version 2.2

* Removed trim() and replaced with mysql_real_escape_string() in a number of files
* Fixed upload problem with filename containing spaces and special characters
* Users can only modify those types less than theirs (Managers cannot modify Administrators, Users cannot modify Managers, etc.)
* If emails disabled, notifications for new tickets will not be sent either

New as of Version 2.0

* Assigning tickets to unlimited Administrators/Managers/Staff
* Removed PHPMailer, Incorporated Swiftmailer
* New “Forgot Password” Feature
* Greater Control over Emails (Templates, Sendmail, SMTP, etc.)
* Delete Users

  • Live ticket search and column sorting
  • Custom system messages, personalized through {tags}’s
  • User ranking system (Administrators, Managers, Staff and Users) with privileges
  • Assign staff to specific departments, only view tickets within that department
  • SMTP option powered with PHPMailer
  • jQuery/Ajax enhancements and dialogs
  • Fluid layout, fits all web browsers
  • Create unlimited tickets, departments, and edit on the fly
  • Admin and Client user registration
  • Create unlimited custom status’s and priorities
  • Attach file(s) using uploadify to tickets and replies and download securely
  • “Internal Notes” so only Administrators can see
  • Gravatar enabled

Login Credentials

Website to login is http://quicktick.sirestudios.com/. The format for the below credentials are (login email / password).

Other Notes

All Ajax features degrade nicely on the public-facing side. So even if your clients/users are living in the stone-age and don’t have JavaScript enabled, they can still easily update or delete a ticket. Also, if a client calls you, you can quickly create a ticket on their behalf from within the ‘Create a Ticket’ link.

This is Version 2.0. I have checked and double checked in all browers with and without JavaScript enabled and everything seems to work perfectly. However, if you find any bugs or formatting issues, don’t hesitate to send me a message. As my previous buyers can vouch, I release fixes within hours of being informed.

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