Karenderia App Version 2

Karenderia App Version 2 is the latest and modern mobile application for Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System. This mobile app is the front end web version of kmrs which customer can order tru mobile device.

Note to buyer: You will need to purchase the Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System in order to use this mobile application, as all the restaurant data relies on KMRS..

You cannot use this mobile app as stand alone application this is purely addon for Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System

Karenderia App Version 2 connects to KRMS via json api calls
just simply install the modules for the api and settings and your all done.
its comes with very easy steps by steps procedure on how to install the api & settings modules.

Backend Settings
Username: admin
Password : admin

Download android APK File click here

Watch Karenderia App Version 2 in action click here

Test paypal using below account
User/Email : buyerko@yahoo.com
Password : testtest


User/Email : buyer2@codemywebapps.com
Password : Buyertestaccount


  • Easy to search for restaurant
  • Filter restaurant by cuisine or by services
  • Auto detects location address
  • Multiple addons for food item
  • Multiple size and price for food item
  • Ingredients selections for food item
  • Cooking reference
  • Real time order status
  • Easy to re-order previous ordered food item

Payment Gateway

  • Cash on delivery
  • Paypal
  • Pay using credit cards on debit cards

Book a table

  • Easy booking table
  • Receive updates on your booking status

Restaurant Review

  • Add your own reviews to a restaurant

Android Push Notification

  • Customer can receive push notification about the status of their order


= 1.4 (09 January 20) =

fixed - identify location not changing
fixed - floating menu in iphonex
fixed - applying voucher
fixed - mapbox not getting distance
fixed - re order item does not have price
fixed - show delivery estimation when using search by location
fixed - can enter 0.5 quantity
fixed - issue with limit text
fixed - Set Google Default Country On
fixed - triggered cron jobs when there is no values
fixed - missing discount in item list
update - clear cart using client id
new - add translation for language list
new - add options to show addon description
new - auto fill address when using geocode
new - terms and condition added in signup
new - options for full banner in home page
new - Start up banner auto scroll
new - future order confirmation
new - contact us page
new - full RTL
new - cordova status bar

= 1.3 (18 November 19) =

fixed - non taxable
fixed - label for dinein table number
fixed - track driver show same address
fixed - addon can select multiple
fixed - checking of customer phone
fixed - cron jobs for getting facebook profile pic
fixed - fixed offers tag
fixed - asap in cart
fixed - auto fill address
fixed - order change going back to homepage
fixed - sms details empty
fixed - bug in cron for getting push image and icon
update - add sponsored tags
update - jquery to latest version
update - remove change page when change is not required
update - re-order check new price
update - add NSBluetoothAlwaysUsageDescription for ios in config.xml
update - jquery version to 3.4.1
update - all background images to 100%
new - add options to turn off mobile prefix
new - new theme for tracking driver
new - add tracking interval settings
new - options to register only by email or mobile
new - add new icons for ios 167x167
new - sort the listing with sponsored on top
new - add dish icon and menu 1
new - add contact number in about section
new - age restriction
new - add voucher code in search results
new - filter all results based on location
new - add merchant carousel in map view
new - add search by location using city/area state/city and postcode

= 1.2 (23 September 19) =

fixed - layout in iPhoneX
fixed - cannot add review when using different language
fixed - search results only 1 return merchant
fixed - map track icons
fixed - cuisine list
fixed - undefined transaction type
fixed - item lazy load turns all item to category name
fixed - table pages from varchar to text
fixed - menu 1 does not show all menu
fixed - add retry connection in get settings page
fixed - add none in tip list
new - favorites restaurant in homepage
new - Category Scheduler
new - start up banner
new - select language in start up
new - options to show featured and special offers based on search location
new - auto refresh in track order history
new - dish icon in food item list
new - filter by dishes
new - track driver add route

= 1.0 (19 August 19) =

Initial release version
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