Mobile Store Locator

This mobile store locator is using a built-in API to fetch and display all the stores information. that makes it a very powerful and flexible mobile application. It enables users to views your stores list and details informations, view the stores on a Google Map, view a Google Street view, search by address, search the closest stores to their current location and more.


– List all your stores on Mobile devices (iPhone, iTouch, Android, iPad…).
– Support results pagination using the AJAX technology.
– Let your users search your stores by address or postal code.
– Support Google Maps v3
– Support distances in Km or in Miles.
– Support streetview display.
– Powered by jQuery and jQuery Mobile.
– Display the closest stores around the current location (need to have https://)
– Secure admin interface
– Google Maps language customization
– Very clean and user friendly user interface.

Also included

– Fully featured backend interface to add, edit and delete stores.
– Automatically geocode your store addresses in the database.
– Fully compatible with our Advanced stores locator !

Test it before you buy !

Demo available on this page


21 Sep 2016
– Updated to the latest jQuery Mobile 1.4.5
– Added support for the Google API Key now required by Google
– Added a search by name
– Updated the admin interface and added a username // password to it
– Most of the app pages and the store detail pages can now be accessed with a direct URL
16 May 2013
– Added a secure admin interface, the user/password can be defined from the config file
– Updated the app to the latest jQuery Mobile v1.3.1
– Updated to the latest jQuery library 1.9.1
– Added the ability to translate most buttons from the config file
– You can now define the language to be used inside the Google Map!
– The number of stores to display has been divided into 2 values, one for the list view, and one for the general Google Map for more flexibility

WordPress Plugin available

Get the Store Locator for WordPress

Mobile Store Locator - 1

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