Fancy 2 Line CSS Buttons

Fancy 2 Line CSS Buttons - 1

These 100% CSS buttons are sure to make your site stand out from
the crowd. Your visitors will love to click on them too, with 2
lines of information and text driven icons, they’ll know exactly
where they are going.

This technique uses modern CSS techniques to create great
looking buttons that are constructed pure with anchor
HTML tags and the CSS included in this package. These buttons are
fast and lightweight and work in all modern browsers.

In older browsers and those that do not support current CSS3
implementations, the buttons degrade gracefully.

54000+ Possibilities

  • Many Colors – Mix and Match
  • Many Styles – Rounded or Squared
  • Hover Effects – Colors and Text
  • Modern Look – Icons, Ends and Wrap Arounds
  • 3 Sizes or make your own – simple font size change
  • Works with any font – even Google font API
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