Replete Modal

Replete Modal is a user-friendly, fully customizable, responsive jQuery popup modal to take any HTML content, including images, videos, SVG icons,forms and display it in a clean organised and responsive popup. It is easy, flexible, powerful to create professional looking popup modal. This plugin features plenty of layouts, CSS transitions, SVG Icons, and animations, 9 Position, 40+ animations, 5 Overlay, 10 Modal Layouts, 10 Modal Types, 35+ SVG Icons and much more.

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Replete Modal is a great way to display your message. You can display banners, newsletter signups, contact forms, special offer display, images, iframe, video, maps with pleasing animations and effects.

Replete Modal - 2

Wide range of options

Replete Modal comes with a wide range of available options, which you can combine together and achieve pleasing effects easily without any coding knowledge.

  • 40+ Animations
  • 10+ Modal Layouts
  • 5 overlay options
  • 35+ SVG icons
  • 20+ quick start demos
  • Duration and delay options
  • Advanced configuration options

Easy Setup

Replete Modal is made for ease of use so that you can quick start it in a matter of minutes. Copy or replicate one of the demo, insert your elements, set-up plugin configurations and you should have a nice looking modal set up on your site.

Usages & Examples

Replete Modal can be used for any purpose like displaying contact form to setting up newsletter or playing a video. You get a basic, cluster free modal layout in which you insert your custom elements in a matter of minutes. Here are some common usages of replete modal :

  • Signup – Login forms
  • Contact and feedback forms
  • Newsletter signup form
  • Popup banners and advertisements
  • Images showcase
  • Navigations and buttons
  • Special notifications and messages
  • Videos and maps
  • Any iframe, embed or object element
  • And much more…


This is not a WordPress Plugin. This is pure javascript, css, html plugin.


v2.0 [11/22/2016]

- Added Callback example
- On Page Load Example Added
- On Mouse Out Of Screen Example Added
- Delay issue resolved
- Documentation Updated

v1.4 [04/05/2016]

- Remote scroll to top bug 
- Form submission examples added 
- Minor changes in CSS for better responsiveness 
- Updated documentation

v1.3 [03/11/2016]

- For small screen, Modal will be scrollable. 
- Custom cookies implementation 
- Minor changes in HTML structure of Modal 
- Updated documentation

v1.2 [02/17/2016]

- Resolved Firefox browser window event handling issue.
- Changed youtube and vimeo integration. [More information in the documentation] 
- Updated Documentation

v1.1 [02/12/2016]

- Fixed responsive issue for default width.
- Allowed YouTube & Vimeo video to be played using just video ID. [More info in documentation]
- Added separate examples of each modal type.
- Updated documentation 

v1.0 [02/06/2016]

- Initial release
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