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Tiva Events Calendar is plugin which help you to display all events on calendar. It is very flexible and easy to install and integrate into your website. You can create events in json file or feed from your database via php file (Ajax)

Tiva Events Calendar - Full Layout

With nice popup, user can quick-view event for each day, view event list and event detail. Your events will be displayed lively and logically. There are 2 layouts for your choice : full and compact.

Compact Layout

Tiva Events Calendar - Compact Layout

You can put events calendar everywhere in your website via just simple configuration. You can also change language for calendar via js language file.

Event list

Tiva Events Calendar - Events List

Why choose Tiva Events Calendar ?

  • Display your events lively and logically.
  • View events via calendar or list style.
  • Quick view event’s info with tooltip.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Full layout or Compact layout.
  • Very easy to install and integrate.
  • Language support

See demo and guide for Tiva Events Calendar here.

If you like our product, please don’t forget to review and rate it Tiva Events Calendar - 1Tiva Events Calendar - 2Tiva Events Calendar - 3Tiva Events Calendar - 4Tiva Events Calendar - 5. We will support you as soon as possible.


Version 1.6 (22 Sep 2016)
    - Update : Demo how to get data from database on php file.
    - Update : Add sql file to demo database for events.
    - Update : Change image loading.gif (transparent background).

Version 1.5 (10 Jun 2016)
    - Fix : Link to event detail on event list.
    - Update : Add option max number of events dislayed on list.

Version 1.4 (08 Jun 2016)
    - Fix : Sort events more logically in list view.
    - Update : Display time with multi-day event.
    - Update : Add color field for event.
    - Update : Add config file to store config.

Version 1.3 (18 Apr 2016)
    - Update : Add option for initial view (Calendar / Event list).
    - Update : Add option for start date on calendar (Sunday / Monday).
    - Update : Add option for switch button (Show / Hide)

Version 1.2 (11 Apr 2016)
    - Fix : Responsive for full calendar layout.
    - Fix : Optimize code.

Version 1.1 (07 Apr 2016)
    - Fix : Event take place on many days.

Version 1.0 (04 Apr 2016)
    - Initial release.

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