YouTube API Ultimate Integration

This application enables you to literally get all YouTube on your own website. You can integrate the YouTube search so your visitors can search among millions of videos and watch them directly on your website. You can also integrate videos from YouTube channels, featured videos, display videos by categories and more.

You also have 2 types of display (grids or list). One that can display the videos right under the clicked title or thumbnail (just like on Facebook) and another displays the videos thumbnails in a grid and that uses a Fancybox to play videos.

This is the most advanced YouTube integration ever ! You can set-it up in less than 5 minutes and it’s flexible enough to be extended the way you wish.


– Integrate the YouTube Search into your website
– Display videos from a YouTube channel (by username or channel id)
– Display YouTube featured videos (most popular videos on YouTube)
– Display videos from a playlist
– Powered by jQuery
– Supports pagination to navigate through all the videos available
– 2 display types (grid or list)
– Very clean and organized source code

Try a demo before you buy

Demo 1 (grid display type)
Demo 2 (wall display type)


28 May 2018
– Added the ability to load videos by channel id, when a channel username is not available
22 Jan 2017
– Updated to the latest Bootstrap framework
– Dropped the Fancybox and used instead the Bootstrap modal
– YouTube API code improvement and more errors display on fails
10 May 2015
– Updated to the latest YouTube API v3
– API Key now required by YouTube to call the API public methods
– Pagination not supported anymore by YouTube (next and previous pages used instead)
– Featured videos not supported anymore by YouTube (only the Most Popular videos are supported)
14 Nov 2013
– Fixed an issue on demo 2 on iOS devices not properly displaying the YouTube player when a video is clicked from the list
19 Sept 2012
– Fixing an issue with “video not found” appearing with the fancybox on the iPad
– Adding support for playlists
– Making the layout fully responsive !
– Adding the ability to set a YouTube API Key from the config file (Optional)

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