HTML5 Fullscreen Gallery

This is a full HTML5 script. But don’t worry because it works just as good in older Internet Explorer browsers. This script is flexible and perfect feature for showcasing great photography while displaying subtle text/description on the bottom. Using this script is really simple. It comes with emotion evoking piano background music and a minimalistic two level sticky menu down the bottom. All colors can be altered via the CSS stylesheet.

This script never shows a half loading image. It instead shows a beautiful loading message before fading the picture into the screen. Music is played via the HTML5 audio tag which falls back to Flash music player for incompatible browsers. The download includes the full ActionScript3 source project for the flash player in case you wish to extend its capabilities in future.

Features include

Full HTML5 compliant
Search engine friendly markup
Comes with a beautiful piano background music
Features a modern two level menu sticky
Uses Web Fonts
Supports image switching using keyboard
Can switch images automatically or manually
Super easy to integrate with existing websites
Maintains the correct aspect ratio when resizing the browser window
Includes the Flash music player source code for future enhancement
Uses the always reliable jQuery framework
Runs in IE7, IE8, IE9, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, iPhone and iPad

About the music

The background track to this script is produced by Scott Willis from Audio Jungle who plays the piano exceptionally beautiful.

Scott Willis


Support for keyboard navigation

Code cleanup
Smoother code initialization
Fixed intermittent loading bug

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