GalleryJack – jQuery Full BG Image Gallery

GalleryJack is a flexible HTML5 / jQuery gallery for photographers who want an interactive gallery that users on all devices can see. It includes HTML5 Audio with a Flash fallback, and deep-linking for an enhanced browsing experience. Built for flexibility, it can even be used as a simple background changer for your current website.


  • HTML5 audio with Flash fallback
  • Deep-linking for continuous audio playback
  • Multiple image display modes
  • Multiple gallery settings that can be easily modified
  • Enhanced Help with several video tutorials

Multiple Display Modes

  • Stretch: Always fill the monitor, scaled from top-left corner
  • Stretch-Center: Always fill the monitor, scaled from the center
  • Fit: Always fit the image, no image cropping will occur
  • Enable or disable search engine crawling (to protect your images from being listed in search engines)
  • Set Audio Volume
  • Turn AutoPlay on or off
  • Option to randomize the image order in each category
  • Set the transition delay for AutoPlay
  • Disable right-click to help protect your images
  • Use or delete all elements in the footer and the info section
  • Category numbers can easily be deleted or changed to icons or text
  • Easily add or remove categories and background images
  • Easily add the gallery to your current website

Special Notes

  • GalleryJack runs on jQuery 1.10.2
  • Imagery and Audio used in the preview are not included in the source download.
  • Apple does not allow HTML5 Audio autoplay on its mobile devices. Apple mobile devices will automatically be detected and autoplay will be turned off.
  • The gallery uses Deep-linking (hashtags) which are required for the gallery to work correctly.
  • The Music Player is designed to play one song. I am available for freelance work if you need it to play a playlist of songs.
  • This is NOT a WordPress Plugin

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