Simple Price Calculator

Simple Price Calculator is a jQuery plugin that can transform any html based form into a price calculation form. You can
use it to provide instant price quotes or estimates on products and services for your visitors. A total with details can be displayed dynamically within your page.


  • Simply add the functionality to your form id, setup a few attributes and the form is ready to go!
  • Documentation and examples are provided
  • Includes an ajax example that shows you how to e-mail the total and details (uses ajax and php)
  • Form is capable of multiplying two fields together and a quantity field can be added if needed
  • Currency and some of the form text can be changed through plugin options
  • Great customer support!

Note: If you are looking to integrate with WordPress, please contact me first for instructions. The version I submitted didn’t have enough features to be accepted in this marketplace.

Scripts Used


jQuery Number Plugin-

Change log

Version 1.5 – 3/3/2018

  • Added new function to plugin that allows specific fields to be multiplied with data-mult-ids
  • Fixed data-merge bug that caused 3 digit numbers to calculate incorrectly
  • Fixed bug that caused duplicate descriptions for some drop down box choices
  • Updated to latest version of jQuery

Version 1.4 – 11/8/2016

  • Added function to plugin that can be called outside of script to update total
  • Added ability to read hidden input field values
  • Fixed data-merge function so it works properly with select boxes and always rounds off to two decimal places with fractions

Version 1.3 – 2/6/2015

  • Fixed bug that caused decimals not to calculate properly
  • Added ability for select options to have data-mult functionality

Version 1.2- 10/21/2014

  • Fixed bug that caused plugin to break when form elements were within other divs or tags

Version 1.1- 9/3/2014

  • Added ability to change currency symbol through plugin options.
  • Radio,checkbox and select tag ids can now be used for the data-merge attribute
  • Sidebar is now responsive…will go below form on smaller screens
  • Updated Documentation on how to change plugin settings

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