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Booking Core is a Booking System based on Laravel, designed for a travel website, Marketplace, Travel Agency, Tour Operator, Room Bnb, Villa Rental, Resort Rental, Make Travel website.
With 6+ years working on travel products we confident to bring to you best product for your travel site with optimized UX/UI, friendly on mobile on the search engine.

Latest Update: 1.6.1 – March 23 -2020

[FIXBUG] Problem with the disabled date but you still be able to book 
[UPDATE] Add image for Term

Free installation service:

Demo site:

Sandbox site: (Data will be reset each 2 days):

Admin Sandbox:
Password: admin

Vendor Panel:
Vendor account:
Password: vendor1


Latest Update: 1.6.0 – March, 17 – 2020


- Form Register Vendor: add Phone number field
- Video in Register vendor page is turned off without pressing to "X" button
- Update iCal in front-end
- Update the Required text in Translation Tools
- Update the Featured item is on the Top of Search
- Update users are not allowed to leave a review after the vendor mark the booking status
- Parent locations are ordered alphabetically on the search form.
- Update search booking report by ID
- Trash a review but the trash list is blank
- Add Smart search to Location in Vendor Dashboard
- Add Header script field in the Advanced Settings
- Add Bulk Delete Verify manage, Vendor Request
- Remove the Upload settings
- Add Vendor name to the Booking Detail
- Add Cookie Agreement bar
- Add Verify email option to the Email Settings
- Add Extra service for Hotel-room, Car, Space
- Add icon for Term-attribute of Tour
- Add new currency:  GEL - Georgian Lari
- Add Deposit feature
- Add detail Price for Checkout page and Booking detail
- Add RTL 


- The Sub-language: after inputting content on the sub-language -> all the Extra Price is listed
- Tag of News: Cant remove the tag out of the News
- Filter Price: is not updated price follow the sub-currency
- Blocked vendor but tour under blocked user still live
- A Draft location is in the List Location  
- Trip Ideas on location is showing the image width 150px
- Add option allows Print the Booking Detail 
- Booking status for Space: Full book, Block, Available
- Space Availability is calculated by day
- Hotel Availability is calculated by night
- Review manage error when disabling a default module
- Social login takes the fake email address
- Fixed adding font-family issues

Version: 1.5.1 – January, 15 – 2020


- [UPDATE] Multi-Language for Calendar
- [UPDATE] iCal Synchronize
- [UPDATE] Add new Import/Export a Template 
- [UPDATE] Add currency: Burundian Franc (BIF), AMD (Armenian dram), Uzbekistan сум, Kenyan Shilling-KES
- [UPDATE] Allows input Decimal to Price by Person(VD: 350.89$/ adult)
- [UPDATE] With Vendor Role, I want to duplicate the Tour, Space 
- [UPDATE] Square of Room Size + Square of Space is limited to 127,can't input the 128 or larger
- [UPDATE] Add Confirm Email for Vendor/User after Register
- [UPDATE] Add Filter review rate for Tour, Space


- [BUG] Input content in the Second-Language => Extra_serivce error
- [BUG] Filter price isn't updated price when select other currency
- [BUG] Share a Service in the in second language the Featured image doesn't show in the post!
- [BUG] Paypal gateway - if choose to Return to the website/Cancel (Booking) his reservation is validated
- [BUG] Cant disable multi-Currency 
- [BUG] The switch of the currency not appear in Mobile .
- [BUG] Some text is missing in language file
- [BUG] The second Language for Room title is not updated
- [BUG] Update Language status from Draft to Publish, but can't add that language into menu Multi-language
- [BUG] Disable Default module => Review Manager is bug
- [BUG] Fix issues can't upload SVG image type
- [BUG] Service is deleted => Report Booking + Booking History from User account is bugged
- [BUG] List Location: Delete Parent Location => Hide the child-Location but Front-end still shows Child-location
- [BUG] Multi-currency: Tour Fees is updated wrong 
- [BUG] Service Single Video: Cant turn off if dont click to the "X" button
- [BUG] Custom CSS code is built wrong
- [BUG] Favicon still haven't  updated cho Admin backend 

Version: 1.5.0 – Nov, 14 – 2019


+ 2Checkout Payment Gateway 
+ Add Car Module
+ Add Identity Verify for user and vendor
+ Show Identity Verify + Role name On vendor profile
+ Add SMS Notifications (For Bookings Only)
+ Add Multi-currency
+ Add Map Layout for Hotel/Space/Car
+ Add Block News for Homepage
+ Currency add DZD – Algerian Dinar


+ Update translation the Booking statuses
+ List Location can take by location  IDs
+ Vendor signup form add new business name field
+ Add Captcha for Form Vendor signup form.
+ Remove the "/en" in link URL if "/en" is main language
+ Limit the User ID in link Vendor Profile, only Vendor role can be opened link Profile
+ Modification "number of rooms" 
+ Optimize the Manager of Media image 


+ Payout history issues: shows payout history for all vendor 
+ The Booking Form is overridden to the Login form when it requires users to log in before the Book
+ Price Tour + Space  in  Availability table is calculated wrong
+ Select Square Size Unit but it's not change 

Version 1.4.0 – Oct, 04 – 2019


 + Add Hotel-Room Module
 + Add Payout Module for Vendor
 + Add The business name for vendor
 + Add Options to hide email, phone in Vendor Profile
 + Add Update vendor profile layout
 + Add Avaibility Tour/Space for Vendor Dashboard
 + Add Vendor can change Service Status(Make Hide/Publish)
 + Add Add options to allow Vendor can change his own booking status
 + Add Add Social Share buttons in Tour/Space/Hotel
 + Add Search field for Gmap Metabox while creating new Tour/Space/Hotel
 + Add Delete button in Media list
 + Add Dinar tunisien TND Currency
 + Add Tool Check PHP version before installation
 + Add Load the Default translate
 + Add Auto updater in Dashboard -> Tools
 + Add Include and exclude option would be nice for the tours
 + Add Availability Booking information: Booked / Full Booking
 + Add Show Role of Vendor in vendor profile
 + Add Show buyer fees on the form book


+ Update  Extra Price for Space
+ Update  Update Stripe Gateway (use token method)
+ Update  Hide star, review count on the list, single Servces if TURN OFF the Review in settings
+ Update  Code optimization
+ Update  Layout Profile for Vendor
+ Update  Review form: Hide form if guests can't be commented
+ Update  Option allow view Location single that is created in List Location Block(Setup in Template)
+ Update  Tour FAQs text editor


+ Fix Tour Map Layout on Mobile
+ Fix Issues while using Default Language(Turn off Multi-Lang)
+ Fix Translate is missing text
+ Fix Multi-lang bug in Template builder
+ Fix Message button is overrided on the Filter list
+ Fix Cached issues
+ Fix Can't upload image in template
+ Fix The image is added in the Content section that can't be saved
+ Fix Tour Draft still show in Related Tour
+ Fix Space booking issues in 1 day

Version 1.3.0 – Aug 29 – 2019


 - Add  Availability calendar for Tour
 - Add Location Detail Page
 - Add Live Chat for Customer and Vendor
 - Add Wishlist for User Panel
 - Add Commission system for Vendor
 - Add Vendor Profile
 - Add Show Total Price in Tour's Booking form
 - Add Add Booking fees for space and tour
 - Add Smart search location for space and tour
 - Add Page Register for vendor
 - Allow admin to duplicate content for tour and space
 - Update filter get featured item in Block Template


 - [Fixed] Can't embed  youtube iframe in the editor
 - [Fixed] Translate tool show wrong count number(%)
 - [Fixed]  Don't show  next button on the calendar
 - [Fixed]  Multi-lang bug in Template builder

Version 1.2.0 – Aug 7 – 2019


 + Multi language for site
+ Add Post Type Space for Rental
+ Add pagination for Media Uploading
+ Add Config Email settings in admin Dashboard
+ Add Config Timezone in settings
+ Add Favicon option
+ Booking report for vendor
+ Add Options to change Contact information


 + [Fixed] error Create Tour in vendor panel
+ [Fixed] Date time issue in the form search
+ [Fixed] Scroll issue in Testimonial Block in Home Template
+ [Fixed] Openstreemap

Version 1.1.0 – Jul 10 – 2019


 + Tour Booking Calendar: View all your tour bookings in calendar (Only for Admin, will update for Vendor later)
+ Stripe Standard Payment Gateway
+ Change default forgot password email template to match our design
+ Add bulk actions for Language Management page
+ Add options for enable ReCaptcha in Login/Register and Booking form
+ Move uploads folder to "public/uploads", you need to copy all old files under "storage/app/public" to "public/uploads" 
+ Add "Find Translations" button in Translation Tool


 + Bug create/update user
+ Bug in translations tool
+ Bug button "remove" in tour page does not work
+ Change default image size in tour search page to width: 600px (old is 150px)
+ Bug in delete menu item
+ Other small improvements

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