Ecom – Fast Multi Store Front Builder (SaaS)

Ecom brings a unique solution to the table providing you with saas as well. Ecom gives your users the ability to create products, set categories, connect payment gateways under one sharable link with a beautiful storefront design.

Ecom - Fast Multi Store Front Builder (SaaS) - 1

Ecom - Fast Multi Store Front Builder (SaaS) - 2

Ecom - Fast Multi Store Front Builder (SaaS) - 3

Ecom - Fast Multi Store Front Builder (SaaS) - 4

Ecom - Fast Multi Store Front Builder (SaaS) - 5

Ecom - Fast Multi Store Front Builder (SaaS) - 6

Ecom - Fast Multi Store Front Builder (SaaS) - 7

Ecom - Fast Multi Store Front Builder (SaaS) - 8

Ecom - Fast Multi Store Front Builder (SaaS) - 9

Ecom - Fast Multi Store Front Builder (SaaS) - 16

Ecom Demo
Password: ecomstore
Some options are disabled in demo for better experience


This product is easy to install. We’ve provided an installation wizard to guide you through.
You can also check the Docs for detailed info


If you’re having issues with this product don’t hesitate to register HERE and raise your Support Ticket.

Product installation

We provide This product Installations and also Full Server Installations. Check our Docs for full details


We apologize in the delay in our update and support. Fixes and improvements has been made to the script and service. Thanks


Update 2.0 – 07 March, 2021

- Aws s3 integration (all uploads can go to your aws s3 storage) 
- Overall dashboard changes
- User pages system
- User pages blocks (ecom now works based on blocks)
- Create unique store with pages blocks 
- Customer management
- Store customers registration 
- V1 chat system between store and customers
- Store customers dashboard
- Store Refund requests system
- Store guest / customer checkout system
- Option to send mail on order status change and send custom mail per order
- Free packages order if set price to 0
- Possible fix for .env deleting
- Fixed store stock management
- Added products color options 
- Added store colors
- New landing page
- PayTM gateway now available
- Option to send crash report to us
- Many bugs fixed

Update 1.5.1 – 12 January, 2021

- Adjusted logo size on header and footer
- Gateway missing issue on storefront
- Save button now on gateway tab on user settings
- Fixed pricing plan showing -1 on unlimited blog

Update 1.5 – 6 January, 2021

- [FIX]: Fixed paypal not showing

Update 1.4 – 2 January, 2021

- [NEW]: Wildcard subdomain support (Use subdomains instead of subdirectories)
- [NEW]: PayPal on regular license
- [FIX]: Few ui bugs

Update 1.3 – 31 December, 2020

- [NEW]: New store template
- [NEW]: New stock management
- [NEW]: New product options
- [NEW]: Downloadable Products
- [NEW]: Few dashboard design changes
- [NEW]: Bank & Cash Payment
- [NEW]: New Payment method per packages (Set the gateways user have access to on a packages. Please update your packages after update)
- [FIX]: Fixed installation error (white screen)

Update 1.2 – 4 December, 2020

- [FIX]: Improved user checkout & user store template
- [FIX]: Fixed user custom domain showing on packages
- [NEW]: Added external product field (Can now input external url to product)
- [NEW]: Shipping locations & pricings
- [NEW]: Mercadopago payment gateway now available to user and admin to use

Update 1.1 – 26 November, 2020

- [FIX]: Error when adding domains
- [NEW]: Custom domain option for stores
- [NEW]: Custom domain limit on package

Update 1.0 – 16 November, 2020

- Initial Release

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