Crazy Infinite Color Wheel – Unity

Estimated game configuration and publish time as per document: 8 Hours

Notes for Buyer [Read this before purchase]

  1. Before purchasing, first check out the game features clearly in the PlayStore game. Everything is clearly shown in the game. We will provide support if there is any crashing or errors occur in our code.
  2. Please follow the document till the end and read all links mentioned in the document to complete the configuration process.
  3. Read our FAQ/Support page for common queries generated by buyers before you contact us.
  4. Share Invoice via email when you contact us for help. We will not help if you do not provide Invoice.
  5. We are updating our code with latest libary version and updated PlayStore policy. We are not responsible if your app/game gets rejected because you are using older version code and keep that code updating and do not use our latest version code.
  6. We have published this game on PlayStore only and tested PlayStore downloaded game only. We are not resposible if any of our game services does not work on other platform like Amazon Store or any other store except Google PlayStore.


  1. Unity Hub
  2. Unity 2020.2.7f1
  3. AdMob Account
  4. Firebase Account
  5. Google Play Developer Console Account

Game Features:

  1. Supports Android only.
  2. Contains 10 different wheels. Click on Center area screen when wheel slice color match arrow color.
  3. Contains 11 different wheel color theme.
  4. Contains 4 different wheel pointer theme.
  5. Contains Editor Script
  6. One Time Revive
  7. Admob:
    • Banner Ad
    • Interstitial Ad
    • Reward Video Ad
  8. Firebase:
    • Crashlytics
    • Cloud Messaging
    • Dynamic Link
    • Remote Config
  9. In-App Purchase:
    • Remove Ads [One Time Purchase]
    • Color Theme [One Time Purchase]
    • Arrow Theme [One Time Purchase]
  10. Play Game Services
    • Leaderboard
    • Achievement
  11. Multi language support.
    • English
    • Hindi
    • Gujarati

    Note: Please let us know via email with Invoice if you want to add your language in the game. We will add that language support in the next update.

  12. Common Features:
    • In-App Update
    • In-App Review
    • Rate App
    • Share App
    • Feedback
    • 64 Bit Supported

What’s New:

  1. Added support of Unity 2020.2.7f1
  2. Updated plugins and assets to latest version.

Suggestions are always welcome. Comment your suggestion and we will try to implement that in new version if possible.

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