Milk, Water & Vegetable Subscription Android App | Wallet based Model like Milkbasket




MilkBasket | Bigbasket CLONE – Milk Subscription Android App with complete PHP Backend.


Demo Admin
User: [email protected]
City: admin

City Admin
User: [email protected]
Password: admin

Delivery Boy demo login:


Feature’s of GoHybrid:

  • GoHybrid App is fully Subscription & Buy-once
  • Login/Registration page.
  • User Selected Area & City.
  • Products Filters: Facilitate quick search to find products from selected cities.
  • Instantly display the matching results “as you type” in an autocomplete.
  • Subscription: User can subscribe to the products as per own comfortability & subscriptions give users access to content, services, or premium features in your app on an ongoing basis.
  • Single-click to add subscribe all the products from the collection. It saves shopper’s valuable time and effort.
  • Users can cancel, resume and pause the order.
  • Subscription of the day: Shoppers can check selected subscribed products.
  • Users can Recharge their wallet
  • Confirm order by
  • Run Banners and Promotions: Highlight seasonal offers and promotion through banners on the homepage.
  • Complain: After successful completion of delivery if customer not satisfied then the customer can raise complain from its past orders.
  • Secure and multiple payment options: This App allows our customers to recharge the wallet via PayPal and Razor pay.
  • Order List & Details
  • User can Modify their subscribed products.


Admin Feature:

  • Setting: Facilitate to give setting of our profile, App logo, currency, SMS API key, FCM server key, payment mode & set the delivery time.
  • On the dashboard, admin can check the total users, complete orders and ongoing subscriptions.
  • Admin can create a city and also create CITY ADMIN for a particular city.
  • All city admin can add, update & delete own products, categories, banners, and also a delivery boy.                                   
  • The order status updates by city admin.
  • Facilitate to give first recharge offer’s.
  • Admin can create subscription plans within multiple choice like: Daily, Every3rd Day, Alternate Days & Every 7th day.
  • Admin can manage the user complains. if the user’s not satisfied.
  • Set standard FAQs for users on the app from backend 

Multi-City Feature:

  • Admin will create different cities as per their area of operation
  • Each city Sub-admin will manage their cities accordingly
  • Sub-Admin of any city will manage Products, Stocks, Banners, Offers, Notifications, Order management, Delivery Boys & much more.

Dispatch Panel Feature:

  • Every city Sub-Admin will have access to Dispatch panel from where it will be easy to dispatch orders & assign delivery boys. 
  • City Admin can also send notifications to delivery boys to alert them

Delivery boy App Feature:

  • Delivery boy will receive assigned orders
  • Delivery boy can ON/OFF the duty hours
  • Get Notifications for Assigned orders OR from City Admin 
  • Can mark orders complete or cancelled or Half done.




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