CSS3 Image Hover Effects

CSS3 Image Hover Effects - 1
CSS3 Image Hover Effects - 2
CSS3 Image Hover Effects - 3
CSS3 Image Hover Effects - 4

This set of 17 Image Hover Effects uses some of the best and newest CSS3 features to showcase your images in a unique way.

Each effect comes with variants and in a separate HTML file and the documentation file will help you to integrate them on your website.

Effects Included

  • Image Rotations
  • Fading Overlays
  • Sliding Overlays
  • Overlays Split (opening effect)
  • Joining Overlays (closing effect)
  • Corner Ribbons
  • Side Panels
  • Elastic Images
  • Images Flips
  • Image Levitation on Shadow
  • Lomo Effect
  • Images Stacks
  • Rounded Images
  • Sliding Images
  • Perspective Images

Compatible Browsers

Please see the last screenshot for a detailed table showing the compatibility of each effect.

Due to the nature of this item, the various browsers available may render some of the effects with slight differences.

Credit Photos

Photos by Mark Sebastian

Please note that the pictures showed in the screenshots and in the video preview are not included in the package, you’ll get placeholders instead of them.

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