Skinnable Rating System + Admin Area

Five Stars (complete ready-to-use solution)

View online demo and
admin area (user:demo pass:demo) and public TOP list

Available extensions

  • Google rich snippets extension (to be purchased separately)
  • Propose more extensions here

Five Stars Features

  • Allows visitors to rate any content on your webpage.
  • Endless skinning posibilities.
  • Full control over stats style and appearance.
  • Supports normal, database-free and show-only modes.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • Fully castomizible appearance and behavior.
  • Supports extensions via custom functions.
  • Easy to use.
  • Cross browser compatibility.

Admin Area Features

  • Automatic installation.
  • Detailed statistics for each item, user IP.
  • Optional IP, Cookie check.
  • Ban list support.
  • “Vote period” feature.
  • Global ranking feature.
  • Sortable statistics tables.
  • Filters support.
  • Full control over all stats.
  • Cross browser compatibility.

You will get:

  • Ready to use files.
  • Superb step-by-step documentation.
  • Admin area.
  • A lot of examples.
  • Easy to use templates.
  • Code generator.
  • All source code of the plugin…
  • ..and of cause great rating system on you homepage


04.04.2017: update to version 2. New features, full mobile compatibility, tooltip, etc..

17.07.2015: improved protection against SQL injections

17.04.2015: small improvements / bug fix

25.11.2013: added support of PHP5.5+

19.03.2013: minor improvements

02.02.2013: public top list added.


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