AIO Radio Station Player – Shoutcast, Icecast and more

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Username: admin
Password: password

Icon Features

  • Responsive
  • HTML5 Audio API with Flash as Fall-back
  • Supports: Shoutcast, Icecast, SAM Broadcaster, Radionomy, Centovacast and Direct information from stream it self using ICY-METADATA
  • Multi-channels with per channel settings
  • Multi-language support based on Browser locale
  • Multi-bitrate – stream quality selection (optional)
  • Mobile optimized (check notes bellow for iOS and Android)
  • LastFM, EchoNest and iTunes API support for Artist Images
  • Custom artist images uploaded via browser
  • Artwork images are automatically optimized for specific image size and optimized for space savings (if enabled)
  • Import artwork from FTP or local directory at tools page
  • Written in HTML5 & CSS3 with use of scalable graphics
  • Advanced Control Panel for easy management
  • Track Listen history based on Track Information (Shoutcast only)
  • Comes with three themes: Material Light, Material Dark, Simple Template and HTML5 Radio Player!
  • Custom Color Schemes
  • Save user preferences in a Cookie (optional)
  • Play-list generation on the fly using PHP.
  • Fully commented and clean code
  • Add your Google Analytics with ease
  • Optimized for High Performance
  • Built-in API which allows you to easily show player status on your main web site
  • Built-in update script for quick updates
  • Dynamic Browser Window naming (based on playing track)
  • Updates for life
  • And much much more…

Note: AAC+ Codec is supported by the player, but the browsers support for AAC varies. E.g. IE does not support it, so the player may act weird!

Icon   Requirements

Player may work without the specified requirements bellow, but without support and use at your own risk!

  • PHP 5.3+ with CURL Extension
  • PHP must have access to service on its PORT, e.g. Shoutcast uses port 8000 by default so firewall must allow outgoing/incoming connection on port 8000.
  • MP3 based stream (OGG can be used in combination with MP3)
  • For currently playing artist / title you need one of supported API’s
  • LastFM OR EchoNest API key for artist images (optional)
  • PHP ZipArchive extension for updates system (optional)

Icon Platforms and Browsers

  • Windows: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Edge, Safari, IE9 and above
  • OSX: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera
  • iOS: Mobile Safari: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
  • Android 2.3+: Chrome, Firefox, Opera and most other mobile browsers
  • Blackberry: OS 7 Phone Browser, PlayBook Browser
Notes for iOS / Android
  • Auto play does not work – restriction by Apple/Google
  • Volume controls are hidden, only physical buttons work
  • Shoutcast bellow 2.0 will not work on iOS 11+
  • Icecast 2.4 kh4/kh5 does not work on iOS 11+
Notes for Safari/Chrome

Chrome 66+ and Safari 11+ auto play does not always work. Browsers learn where you like to watch/listen to content
and after a few clicks they allow auto play. No way to avoid this.

Icon Update History

Updates are no longer available through Codecanyon. Since version 1.15 updates are only available through item control panel.

Update 1.42 (21th March 2020):
- Fixed: Complete re-work of the way PHP errors are handled in the AIO.
- Fixed: A lot of notices going on in the player. These are not "errors" or "warnings" 
- Added: Warning for the administrator when "default" artist artwork is missing
- Added: Ability to disable external API for artworks from other sources
- Added: Ability to seek artworks from "custom" sources using simple URL
- Changed: A little control panel design touch ups, nothing big and nothing relevant
- Changed: Rework of artwork downloading function using headers instead of extensions now
- Changed: Rework of functions that check if player has correct software version installed
- Changed: Some internal function names, bits of code etc...

Update 1.41 (16th September 2019):
- Fixed: Issue with function that formats file sizes. Fixes artworks and some...

Update 1.40 (26th August 2019):
- Fixed: Now you can translate back button for the "simple" template
- Fixed: Some minor issues/warnings with PHP constants

Update 1.39 (14th January 2019):
- Fixed: Issue with Direct Method where songs with "'" characters did not properly parse.
- Fixed: Issue where AAC codec option was only available on edit channel not create
- Fixed: In latest Firefox versions the browse button stopped working
- Added: If Imagick PHP library is available all processed images are compressed on fly

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AIO Radio Station Player - Shoutcast, Icecast and more - 1
AIO Radio Station Player - Shoutcast, Icecast and more - 2

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