Laravel CMS – Ajax CRUD Plugins


We will integrated this plugins as default features on Sximo 6 . All licence holder will get new version of this item ( VUE , ANGULAR , REACT )

What’s new on this features ?

Inline add and edit table row 
View detail in modal + Sub grid ( Master Detail ) 
View detail in new page + Sub grid ( Master Detail )
View detail in Expand table grid + Sub grid ( Master Detail )
Form in modal + Sub grid Form  ( Master Detail 
Form in new page + Sub grid ( Master Detail )
Database Table Generate and MySQL query Editor        

Doc And Support

Doc and Support

Blog Development Envanto

Repo and extension


Notice: Please make sure you have this item before buying this add on Sximo Builder ( Laravel CMS and CRUD Builder )

Laravel CMS  - Ajax CRUD Plugins - 1



- CRUDS Done By Ajax , no reload pages 
- Multi Language Label ( Column grid and form )  
- Multi Language Module title and Note 
- Grid Formater ( you can format spesific field such currency , active etc )  
- Grid Link ( Make field row linked )         
- Grid Image         
- View detail + Detail grid         
- Nested view + Detail Grid         
- Fast Loading proccess          
- Export To Excel          
- Export To Word         
- Export To CSV 
- Print Out Grid  
- Copy rows database     
- Quck add grid row 
- Edit row on modal 
- Set default number of rows , sort by and order by     


- Native PHP & HTML Grid Table
- Full Ajax Grid Table 
- Expand Grid Detail
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