PDF to HTML Flipbook generator

This is WinForms application takes a PDF file and generates a responsive HTML Flipbook. The user can choose the type of images generated (png, jpeg, bmp, etc). This application also allows the user to select a background image and/or color. PDF to HTML Flipbook generator simply helps you convert all your PDFs to HTML Flipbooks.
This app works on a windows environment only

More Demos…

Since Version 1.7 we have added more options to control the background or navigation buttons. Look at some of the demos below. Cool Stuff!!


  • Of course the first thing is that you can turn your PDF to a responsive flipbook in seconds.  :bigwink:
  • Again, the flipbook is responsive  :chuckle:
  • No HTML or JS required to generated a flipbook.
  • 10+ background patterns to choose from
  • Ability to control the dimensions of the generated flipbook
  • Nice zoom functionality
  • HTML and jQuery driven flipbook
  • Each page of the flipbook has a unique url
  • Flipbook has keyboard support (use arrows to turn pages),
  • Comes with a test app to install in your windows machine (for those who dont really need the source code)
  • Nice and clean user interface (Check screenshots)
  • Well documented
  • Scrolling thumbnails view
  • Upload your own background image/pattern
  • Generate single or double page flipbook! (NEW in v1.5)
  • Ability to configure flip direction(NEW in v1.5)
  • Ability to set zoom scale (NEW in v1.5)
  • ‘Go-to’ page functionality (NEW in v1.5)

Change log

More Cool Stuff!!(17 May 2013)

  • Better Code & UI
  • Functionality for choosing your own navigation button style.!  :chuckle:
  • 64bit bug fixed(21 Feb 2013)

  • Application can now work on both 64 and 32 bit machines
  • Version 1.5 (17 Feb 2013)

  • Added ability to select flip direction
  • added single or double page flipbook option
  • added ‘go-to’ page functionality
  • added zoom scale configuration control
  • Version 1.1 (16 Jan 2013)

  • More background images
  • ability to control flipbook dimensions
  • Navigation (zoom, download, home)
  • Version 1.0 (13 Jan 2013)

  • release
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