siteFeature is an unobtrusive jQuery plugin that simplifies the creation of an interactive “Featured Items” widget.

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Update: siteFeature v2.7.7 is now available!

The 2.7.7 update makes siteFeature compliant with the latest version of jQuery (v1.9.1)

Key Features:

  • Fully customizable size, position, animation, and interaction hooks
  • 9 ‘sexy’ image transition effects including ‘fade’, ‘wave’, ‘crash’, ‘curtain’, ‘zipper’, ‘fountain’, ‘cascade’, ‘dribble’, ‘checker’, ‘enterTheDragon’ + customizable ‘random’ and ‘cycle’ options
  • The ability to scroll through tabs and set the number of tabs visible at any given time (ie: have 10 total tabs with only 4 visible).
  • Works in all modern browsers w/ partial IE6 support (Note: IE8 has a poorly documented opacity bug that causes certain animations to toggle on/off rather than fade in/out. This is universal to all javascript libraries and is not specific to jQuery or this plugin)
  • This is a progressive enhancement. All content is still viewable and styled when JavaScript is not available


v2.7.1 – Adds compatibility with the latest jQuery release.

v2.7 – Adds compatibility with the latest jQuery release.

v2.6.2 – Improves stability of TabControl:’hover’ behavior.

v2.6.1 – Corrects a bug that throws alerts in IE.

v2.6 – Autoplay now scrolls the tabs to keep the current tab visible and the tabLock behavior is now more intuitive (based on user feedback). Check the README for details.

v2.5 – fixes noConflict / Autoplay bug (thanks to ‘bigego’)

v2.4 – adds compatibility for the latest jQuery release

v2.3 – corrects tabTrigger positioning for RTL implementations & some IE bugs

v2.2 – corrects tabControl ‘hover’ behavior

v2.1 – corrects IE7-specific syntax errors

v2.0 – adds 9 ‘sexy’ image transition effects and tab scrolling

v1.7.2 – corrects a variable name that was causing errors in some instances of IE

v1.7 – adds option to trigger tab change on Hover or on Click

v1.6 – fixes IE6/7 issue where links direct to ”/undefined”

v1.5 – fixes IE6 issue where the first txtBoxes fails to display on init

v1.4 – adds ability to have multiple siteFeatures on one page

v1.3 – fixes issue where the ‘selected’ tab, when clicked, causes the image to disappear and never return in IE6/7

v1.2 – fixes AutoPlay PauseOnHover after click bug

v1.1 – added PauseOnHover to AutoPlay

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