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Slider Revolution - Responsive Drupal Module - 3Slider Revolution Responsive Drupal Module

Create a responsive (mobile friendly) or fullwidth slider with must-see-effects and meanwhile keep or build your SEO optimization (all content always readable for search engines). See the heaps of custom transitions/animations for each object on the page! Customize this slider with our convenient drag&drop backend to your very needs. This component features tons of unique transition effects, an image preloader, video embedding, autoplay that stops on user interaction and lots of easy to set options to create your own effects.

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Slider Revolution - Responsive Drupal Module - 5

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Slider Revolution - Responsive Drupal Module - 8

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Slider Revolution Highlights Update for Drupal 8+ only

Front Page Designer

Slider Revolution is not only for “Sliders”. You can now build a beautiful one-page web presence with absolutely no coding knowledge required.
To get you started fast, we included a ton of premade examples that come with all assets included!

  • Create Beautiful One-Page Websites
  • Lots of Examples included
  • Works Great on any Device (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile)
  • No Coding Knowledge necessary!

Drag & Drop Visual Slider Building

Building sliders has never been easier!
Even though Slider Revolution is sporting an impressive number of options, even beginners will manage to create beautiful presentations with our new, more intuitive workflow.

  • Text, Image, Video, HTML Content Layers
  • Complete Graphical User Interface
  • Custom Slide Content for different Devices
  • Full Control over Styles, Animations, Transitions

Fully Responsive Solution

We made sure that Slider Revolution looks great and is intuitive to use on every device, be it desktop computers, tablets or smartphones.

  • Works on Desktops, Notebooks, Tablets & Smartphones
  • Optimised for Android & Apple Devices
  • Custom Slide Content for different Devices
  • Fallback Options for Mobile Devices

True Multi-Media Content

We want Slider Revolution to integrate into your website as seamlessly as possible. Why not show any content with it?

  • Regular Image Display with Bulk Upload
  • HTML5, YouTube & Vimeo Video Support
  • Popular Social Media Content Stream

We take Security Seriously

Our Slider Revolution Drupal 8 Modules is regularly audited by professional researchers at Dewhurst Security to make sure that it’s no threat to the security of your Drupal website.

  • Checked Drupal Security
  • Passed Codecanyon Quality

Optimized Performance

Good looks aren’t everything, so we made sure that
Slider Revolution also loads lightning fast!

  • Loaded core file size automatically scales with used features
  • Intelligent Lazy Loading options
  • SEO Optimization
  • Monitor and optimize all aspects of your sliders
  • Advanced Debugging Options

Modules Version / Compatibility

  • Version 5.4 StarPath Release Date 25.08.2017
  • Drupal 8.3.7 Ready
  • jQuery 1.7.x – jQuery 1.10.x and jQuery 2.+ Compatible
  • Version 2.0 for Drupal 7 StarPath Release Date 25.08.2017
  • Drupal 7.5.4 Ready
  • jQuery 1.7.x – jQuery 1.10.x and jQuery 2.+ Compatible

Alternatives to this Product

Change Log

Version 5.5.1 StarPath (08th May 2018) For Drupal 7.x


  • Fix Video background auto play.

Version 5.5 StarPath (18th April 2018) For Drupal 7.x, 8.x


  • Update issue css not load.
  • Add pagination and search in select media.


  • Update search images feature

Version 5.4.6 StarPath (05th Otc 2017)


  • Added autoplay functionality for HTML5 videos on mobile
  • Added loadbalancing functionality for further stability of premium features


  • CSS Issue in Backend where RevSlider Toolbar would overlap the WP Login/Logout popup in some cases

Version StarPath (21th Sep 2017)


  • Fixed Jump slider action

Version 5.4.5 StarPath (5th Sep 2017)


  • Added import layer slider from other slides


  • Fixed Embed slider
  • Fixed Insert meta url When Edit Slide -> layer
  • Fixed Upload Audio files
  • Fixed Clear cache when edit, create new Sliders
  • Fixed copy/move in Slide Editor

Version 5.4 Drupal 8+ StarPath (26th August 2017)


  • New Brasilian/Portuguese translation added! Special thanks to Diego Fernandes
  • Introducing Rows and Columns as Layer Groups
  • Added Layer Groups for logical and physical grouping of Layers.
  • Animations are now allowed in multiple levels for Groups, Rows, Columns and wrapped Layers
  • Added Margin for relative Layers (Columns, Rows, Layers in Columns)
  • Rows can be sorted within Top, Middle and Bottom Containers
  • Added Layer Background Images for Text, Column, Row, Group and Shape
  • Slides will receive an Auto Height with Rows and Columns
  • Introducing Right Click Content Menu on Layers and BG in Slide Editor for quick Edit mode and shortcuts
  • Added Font Icons to Object Library for quicker icon selection within a Text Layer
  • Copy/Paste Layer styles easily from one Layer to the other
  • Selecting more than one Layer, to move them together, now available
  • Introducing logical grouping of Layers
  • Added CSS Blend Modes for Text Layer to get some exclusive effects on backgrounds. (Will not work with older IE Browser)
  • Easy Editing and Movement of Groups and Layers in Groups
  • Added CTRL / CMD + Click function to enable multiple selections
  • Added device based level for Spacings like Paddings, Margins, Text-Aligns which can be set now individual based on Responsive Level
  • Added Ken Burns Live Editor
  • Added option to include all Slider Revolution JavaScript libraries on page load
  • Added new option on Slider Import, to be able to create blank pages with the Slider inside
  • Added IgnoreHeightChange for Android Phones as Fall Back which will avoid the small Jump on Mobile Phones if Location Bar is removed/resized on scroll
  • Added Dark/Light BG for Layer Style Selector, which helps to pick the right Style on demand
  • Added option to set the ID for the Slider which will also set dynamical added container ID’s based on the preseted ID
  • Delay option added to the Jump To Slide Layer Action
  • Template Slider Packs now available
  • Added Navigation Position Aligned By option to allow Navigation element positioned within the Layer Grid also
  • Added individual RTL Option to Arrows, Bullets, Tabs and Tumbnails to change the Slider direction and the order of elements
  • Added New Layer Type: Audio Layer
  • Added Text-Transform Style Option (Uppercase, LowerCase, Capitalize)
  • Added Force Inherit Style Changes on Font Size, Font Weight, Font Color and Line Height in Break Point Based Sliders, to inherit changes for other Device Sizes during changes
  • Added PlaceHolders and Presets for Navigation Elements to allow Easy Styling on Navigation elements per Slider
  • Added title Attribute to the background images for Slides
  • Added Bulk TimeLine Functions to arrange Layer timings based on predefined batches
  • Added Undo & Redo Steps to the Slide Editor
  • Added Vimeo “No Controls” option to hide the Control Panel of Vime Videos on request
  • Added “Pause on Slide” option to stop the Auto Play Progress on certain slides
  • Added an option to Wait for revapi.revstart() Method to start the Slider. This allows to start the Slider on request
  • Added an global option to trigger database creation
  • Added Static Layers Overflow hidden/visible option
  • Added option for Post and Stream Sliders to strip fetched content by words/chars
  • Added Cache timing option for Social Streams
  • Added Global Mute for All Media Action to mute the whole Slider
  • Added Invisible Slide option to make Slides only Availblae due Actions and API Functions
  • French Translation added

Version StarPath (9th Otc 2017) For Drupal 7.x


  • Update issue Cant import images layer

Version StarPath (8th Otc 2017) For Drupal 7.x


  • Update issue {“success”:false,”message”:”wrong ajax action: “}

Version 5.4.6 StarPath For Drupal7 (15th Otc 2017)

New Big Updated Version 5.4.6 Software Version Drupal 7.x

  • Hero, Carousel and Classic Slider Features
  • All Sizes Possible (Full Responsive + Revolutionary 4 Level Advanced Sizes)
  • Fullwidth, Fullscreen, Auto Responsive Slider sizes
  • Unlimited Sliders per page
  • Image BG Cover, Contain, Tiled, Alignment, etc.
  • WYSIWYG Drag & Drop Editor
  • Published / Unpublished Slides
  • Publish slides based on predefined Dates
  • Simple and Advanced Lazy Loading for Faster and SEO Optimized Slider Start
  • Link and Actions on Slides
  • Parallax Effects, full customizeable, combine with Ken Burns and other effects (Mouse / Scroll controlled)
  • Improved Light weight Ken Burns Effects (easier & faster)
  • World Premiere for advanced Action Building
  • Build Social Stream based Sliders
  • Quick and Easy building based on Slider, Slide and Layer Templates
  • Performance Monitor and better Performance Suggestions
  • Viewport based Slide Loading and Progress
  • Create Slider Defaults, Reset, overwrite single Settings due all slides
  • Save Slide, Slider, Layer, Animation as Template

Video Features

  • AutoPlay – Always, only first time, skip first time, wait for action
  • Stop video on Blur, Play Video only in ViewPort
  • Rewind, or keep current progress time
  • Set Start and End time
  • Loop, “Loop and Progress” Slide
  • Fullscreen, fullwidth, boxed
  • Navigation features
  • Action based control (through other layers)
  • New Video API, Events and Methods to controll media outside of the Slider

Version 2.0 Drupal 7+ StarPath (26th August 2017)


  • – Update Auto next slider Video YouTuBe
  • – Fixed static layers,
  • – Fixed published/unpublished slide.
  • – Fixed Single Slide Loop.
  • – Fixed import/export function.
  • – Fixed Slide Title issue.
  • – Fixed Media 2.0 issue.
  • – Fixed Drag & Drop issue.
  • – Load custom fonts and css in edit page.

Version 1.0 Drupal 7+ StarPath (26th June 2015)

#! Initial Release

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