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With the very nature of the internet, your store is practically open to the whole world so why not make the experience more enjoyable and easier for your visitors but allowing them to view your store in their local currency.

The Woocommerce Multi Currency Plugin gives you total control in adding as many currencies as you want to your store and how the prices of your products are displayed in each currency. Add your currencies, set the price of your products in that currency or convert the base price using a live or custom exchange rate and allow the visitor to checkout in their local currency. It couldn’t be more easier to get Multi Currency setup in your store.

Feature Highlights

  • Add unlimited currencies to your store
  • Format converted prices easily using automatically formatting rules
  • Use live exhcage rates from a number of built-in sources
  • Use your own custom exchange rates
  • Use a combination of both live and custom rates for currencies in your store
  • Use GeoIP to automatically set the visitors currency
  • Set custom prices for each currency for products
  • Built-in currency switcher widget
  • Let visitors choose which currency they view your store in
  • Checkout in the visitors chosen currency
  • Pay in the visitors chosen currency
  • Save the currency prices when an order is placed for future reference
  • View sales reports in each currency


Check out what's new in this update:

= 1.9.3 - Dec 11th, 2017 =
* Fix: Fixed a bug with EUR not being recognised as a supported currency when selecting ECB as the source.

Previous versions:

= 1.9.2 - Dec 11th, 2017 =
* Fix: Fixed a bug when selecting custom exchange rates as the source.

= 1.9 - Dec 2nd, 2017 =
* Tweak: Rewrote the plugin in preparation for future development
* Fix: Removed Yahoo Finance API and added ExchangeRate-API.com, Open Exchange Rates, Currency Layer and ECB as exchange rate sources
* Fix: Fixed a bug where shipping rates would not be converted correctly.

= 1.2.7 - May 9th, 2016 =
* Fix: Fixed a bug that would not pass the correct price to the payment processor when rounding the price

= 1.2.6 - Mar 9th, 2016 =
* Fix: Fixed a bug that would not output a custom price for the selected currency when one was set

= 1.2.5 - Feb 29th, 2016 =
* Fix: Fixed a bug that would not return a currency for the current customer
* Fix: Fixed a bug when editing a products using Quick editing and Bulk editing

= 1.2.4 - Jan 20th, 2016 =
* Fix: Fixed a bug that would show the wrong price for variable products
* Fix: Fixed a bug that would cause an error when try to get exchange rates from the APIs
* Tweak: Rewrote part of the plugin to make them more streamlined

= 1.2.3 - Nov 18th, 2015 =
* Fix: Fixed a bug that would not convert variable product prices in a multi site environment
* Fix: Fixed a bug when disabling GeoIP locating
* Fix: Fixed a bug when saving an empty price format for a currency
* Fix: Fixed a bug with converted prices not rounding correctly
* Tweak: Woocommerce 2.4 compatibility

= 1.2.2 - Oct 19th, 2015 =
* Fix: Fixed a bug when using multiple instances of the currrency switcher widget

= 1.2.1 - Sept 19th, 2015 =
* Tweak: Added as way to format the price output better so that currency codes can be added
* Fix: Fixed a bug that would not update the Cart widget when a new currency was selected

= 1.2 - Sept 19th, 2015 =
* Feature: Added ability to disable automatic currency selectiong using GeoIP
* Tweak: Rewrote GeoIP location to use built in Woocommerce functionality
* Tweak: Rewrote currency conversion process
* Fix: Fixed a bug that would cause grouped and variable product prices to not convert correctly
* Fix: Other minor bugs

= 1.1.2 - Jun 23rd, 2015 =
* Fix: Fixed a bug that would occur for variable products on the frontend

= 1.1.1 - Mar 4th, 2015 =
* Fix: Fixed a bug that would cause the site to not load depending on hosting setup

= 1.1 - Mar 2nd, 2015 =
* Fix: Woocommerce 2.3 compatibility
* Fix: Fixed a bug that would not show variable product prices correctly

= 1.0 - Dec 23rd 2014 =
* Initial release
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