Advanced PHP Store Locator

This Advanced Store Locator is based on the Google Maps API and is using an Engine enabling to Calculate Distances and to display the Closest Stores. It enables users to views your stores on a Google Map, view a Google Street image of a specific location, search by address, load the closest stores to a current location, get the directions etc…

This store locator can easily be used with other products and sharing the same database, including our Mobile Store Locator and the WordPress Store Locator Plugin

This application also comes with a fully featured back-end interface where you can add/edit/delete all your stores information and manage your categories.


– Google Maps v3
– AJAX powered pagination
– Search stores by address, city or postal code
– Several possible filters (stores categories, max distance)
– Distances units in Km or in Miles
– Street view display (as an overlay to save space)
– Can detect the users location (need to have https://)
– Loads the closest locations when the user accepts sharing his location
– Specific marker used to display the user’s detected location
– 2 types of results display (included)
– A way to use your own icon as a custom marker on the Map
– Very clean and user friendly user interface
– Based on Bootstrap (responsive and clean design)

Also included

– Fully featured backend interface to add, edit and delete stores
– Categories management
– Automatically geocode your added locations

Check the demo this page.


23 Sep 2016 – v2.6
– Added an authentication system to protect the admin area with a username // password

13 August 2016 – v2.5
– Added the ability to set the Google API key from the config file (now required by Google)

20 August 2015 – v2.4
– Fixed a bug with the redirection on the admin index page to the stores list page
14 August 2015 – v2.3
– Grouped the 2 config files into one unique config file
– Updated to the latest Bootstrap v3.3.5
– Implemented a responsive design on the front end
– Added the display of the marker info window when a location is selected
– Added the display of the current page + total pages in the pagination
– Added the ability to load all the stores on the Map
– Added the automatic loading of the closest stores when a user location is detected
– Added the automatic reload of the page when a form filter is selected
– Added more CSS controls over the displays (pagination, side bar list, current location box etc)
– Improved the way the stores are loaded on the Map for (faster loadings)
28 July 2014
– Fixed a bug causing the edit store page to not display the correct store
1 July 2014
– Updated the backend interface with the latest Bootstrap framework
– Admin section code improvements
– Added the uniform plugin support, for nicer form elements on the front end

WordPress Plugin available

Get the Store Locator for WordPress

Advanced PHP Store Locator - 1

Mobile version available

Get the Mobile Store Locator

Advanced PHP Store Locator - 2

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