Smart Suggest — Advanced Auto-Complete

Smart Suggest is a “fancy” search suggestion plugin for jQuery (much like Apple’s site search). Smart Suggest takes auto-complete boxes to the next level.

Live Demo: Click here

Only one line of code to install! It will convert any HTML text input box to a powerful Smart Suggest box.

  • Ridiculously easy. A powerful search box with incredible capabilities, all from one line of code.
  • Category grouping. Display results from various categories, all in one box. For instance, show results from “web pages,” “downloads,” and “support articles” all from one search query.
  • Images. Optionally show a 40×40px image next to each of your results, adding some extra flare.
  • Run JS on click. Run any JavaScript code you’d like whenever a result is clicked on.
  • Completely customizable CSS. While Smart Suggest comes with a standard style, you can completely customize it to fit your site.
  • Compatible with all major browsers. Firefox (Windows & Mac), IE6/7/8, Safari, Chrome.
  • Uses JSON for results. This makes it compatible with pretty much any language on the Internet today. Read more about JSON.

For support, email me by clicking my name on the right, then typing your message in the email box. Do not post support requests in the comments, as they are not consistently monitored. I will respond to email promptly. Thanks!

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