Botato – create customizable chat bots

Botato was built by Kotlin using Android studio, following the MVVM architecture pattern, using Hilt (Dagger2) for dependency injection and Room persistence library for the local database (SQLite).

try the DEMO.

it allows users to create as many bots as they want, they can customize, delete and teach them.

when the user sends a message to a bot, the bot will search for an answer from the database, if it doesn’t find anything(it means that the user didn’t teach the bot) it will look for an answer from the already defined ones in the app.

all data will be stored locally, so the app doesn’t need any server.


  • Splash screen.
  • OnBoarding screen.
  • Dark theme.
  • Create / delete / customize multiple bots.
  • add / edit / delete answers.
  • Admob ads (interstitial shows up when the user creates a bot)
  • Deleting message.
  • Search


Live PreviewDownload Now

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