Fullwidth Audio Player – jQuery Plugin

The Ultimate Audio Player for your Website

This plugin allows to add a audio player at the top, bottom of the window, in a Pop-Up or even anywhere in the page. It is using the latest audio browser technology and works across all devices. It is fully responsive and has a great User Experience on Desktops and mobile devices.


  • MP3/Soundcloud Player in Flash/HTMl5
  • Supports HTML and XML Playlists
  • Keyboard Navigation
  • Auto-Cover-Replacement
  • Unlimited color variation, no image files are used
  • Share your tracks on Facebook and Twitter
  • A lot of options and a great API

Important Information for mobile devices

Autoplay and the volume bar will be automatically set to false, when viewing the player on a mobile browser.



- Improved code for ajaxified websites
- Loop Track Button
- You need to register and enter an own SoundCloud Client ID to avoid rate limits https://soundcloud.com/you/apps


New Features
- Soundcloud groups are not supported anymore
- New audio library, soundmanager is replaced with howlerjs
- Clear Playlist Button
- Set Pop-up Title
- Edit HTML of player easily via separated HTML file
- Now you can set custom titles, metas and covers for soundcloud tracks
- Place player anywhere in your document by defining a custom container element
- New data-clear for .fap-add-playlist to clear playlist

Fullwidth Audio Player - jQuery Plugin - 1 Fullwidth Audio Player - jQuery Plugin - 2

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