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New!: Theme3 released!

Are you looking to start your own marketplaces like Freelance, Fiverr, up work and PeoplePerHour?

Gigs is a great and effective customized service that could one among the best template across all the marketplaces we ensure to deliver expected business requirements for all startups. It is a customizable service marketplace for all services, now you can easily start your own marketplace as per your needs. It will suits for all type of business i.e. (startup, mid-level and high-level)

How it works:

Gigs is a service marketplace, seller can post their services and offers, and user can select their service what they are required and make the payment. And the payment will received to the admin, once the service got completed, Seller can raise the payment request to admin. And the Admin will take the commission and release remaining payment sent to seller’s account. All the payments has been collected online via PayPal(WEB), stripe and Paytabs.

Gigs Description

Gigs Multi Language

Gigs Payment Gateways

Gigs Happy Clients

Product Enquiry

Gigs Default Frontend  

Live Demo (frontend)

Username: demouser1
Password: [email protected]

Gigs Admin  

Live Demo (admin) – Theme1

Username: demo
Password: demo

Gigs Orange Fronntend  

Live Demo (frontend) – Theme 2

Username: demouser1
Password: [email protected]

Gigs Theme3  

Live Demo (frontend) – Theme 3

Username: demouser1
Password: [email protected]

Gigs Description

Gigs Description

Gigs Android Demo

Gigs iOS Demo

Gigs Ratings

Gigs Description

Gigs Description

Note: Gigs web app is compatible with PHP V7.2 and Lower Version only

Sandbox paypal for buy service

paypal email: [email protected]
password: admin!23

New Feature:

  • New Theme Added
  • RTL Implemented
  • Subscription Added

This product can be used as

  • Buy & Sell Marketplace
  • Services Marketplace
  • Fiverr Clone
  • Chat system for Marketplace
  • Multi Currency Marketplace
  • Multi Language Marketplace

Marketplace for a Specific Services

  • Travel Marketplace
  • Food Marketplace
  • eLearning Marketplace
  • Pet care Service Marketplace



As per Envato rules, you must purchase Gigs – (Web) under an Extended License if:

  • You plan to make application to your client.
  • You plan to sell your own version of this product (build webapp) on Flippa and similar markets.
gigs gigs


Project Updates

Version 3.0
        - NEW - Separate Language fields to Mobile Apps
       <i>Note: Now, Admin can separately choose the languages to both Android & iOS Apps</i>

Note: Now, Admin can separately choose the languages to Web & Mobile Apps

Version 3.0
        - NEW - Added New Theme
        - NEW - Added New Payment Gateway
Version 2.2
        - NEW - Image Cropper functionality included
        - NEW - Improved Home Page Design and funtionality
Version 2.1.2
        - Fixed - Added title in subscription page
        - Fixed - Default placeholders in home page
Version 2.1.1
        - Fixed - RTL Responsive
Version 2.1
        - New - Dashboard for Vendor
        - New - Reports    Generation
        - New - New Filters
        - New - Admin Commissions or Subscription

        - Fixed - Gigs Category
        - 1) Made the first column as Parent category
        - 2) Implemented multi selection for delete option
        - 3) Script restriction in and out field
        - Fixed - Gigs Orders - Mail notification in active and active for gigs
        - Fixed - General Settings - Added Social log in Instagram and playstore & Apple Store
        - Fixed - Policy Setting - Policy settings has been replaced as Placeholder.
        - Fixed - Profession - Implemented multi selection for delete option
        - Fixed - Term -    Implemented multi selection for delete option
        - Fixed - Email Template - Added contact us mail template
        - Fixed - Footer - Added contact us mail template
Version 2.0.3
        - New - Front end RTL format design
        - New - Language Translator module
        - New - Social login like Facebook & Gmail

        - Fixed - Error occurs in the breadcrumb navigation
        - Fixed - Error message for password field is missing
        - Fixed - Error message for password field is missing
        - Fixed - Tab focus not working
        - Fixed - Change Password not working properly 
        - Fixed - reset my password link not working
        - Fixed - Phone number field is not validated properly
        - Fixed - Field validations are not getting cleared next time
        - Fixed - Nothing is displayed in the inbox for the file of extension other than jpg, png 
        - Fixed - Removed file not getting added again 
        - Fixed - Payment setting field details are not validated properly
        - Fixed - Change Password not working properly 
        - Fixed - Error message for password field is missing
        - Fixed - Unnecessary error message is showing 
        - Fixed - Max file size not set for upload video option 
        - Fixed - price for extras and superfast not validated properly
        - Fixed - Message is not getting displayed for a successful edit
        - Fixed - Transaction success but displayed as failed
        - Fixed - Stripe account details not validated properly
        - Fixed - Order status change not working properly
        - Fixed - Paypal email id field not validated properly
        - Fixed - Validations are displayed in focus to input fields
        - Fixed - Php error occurred
        - Fixed - "SUPER_ATAQUE_XSS_JUAJUAJUA " message is displayed
        - Fixed - Change the status to cancel
        - Fixed - search option is not working
        - Fixed - stripe and PayPal function is not working
        - Fixed - Chat list not displaying all the chat users list
        - Fixed - Change the success message for deactivating the gig
        - Fixed - Change the message while adding a profession
        - Fixed - Change the message while editing a profession
        - Fixed - Deactivated user can able to log in again by using the mail sent during registration
        - Fixed - search results are based only on one-page results but not filtering overall 
        - Fixed - search results are based only on one-page results but not filtering overall 
        - Fixed - Process payment not working for canceled orders
        - Fixed - All the labels and text boxes are getting highlighted in green 
        - Fixed - Alert is displayed in users page as ' says Ali Alipur'
        - Fixed - Empty pages are displayed
        - Fixed - Process payment button not displayed for completed orders
        - Fixed - Text boxes are not displayed when the keyboard is displayed in landscape
        - Fixed - Request for amount withdraw is not working properly when payment details are nil
        - Fixed - Price format mismatch
        - Fixed - Price mismatch
        - Fixed - Order details like product name, buyer, seller name mismatch
        - Fixed - Price format mismatch in order details after transaction succeeds 
        - Fixed - Irrevelant error message is getting displayed
        - Fixed - Input fields are not validated properly
        - Fixed - Input fields are not validated properly
VERSION 1.0 to 2.0.2
- API calls issues fixed.
- Gigs search module gigs country missing issues have been fixed.
- Payment setting PayPal sandbox, live option issue has been fixed
- The email template logo missing issue has been fixed
- Buyer can compete accept/ reject request feature has been added
- Gigs view count will be increased based on the user id each user one time only
- The gigs installation process has been made only on time. using Envato purchase ID
- User panel flag has been removed
- Mobile API mail configuration setting update

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