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Ruby Slider is best of slider plugin when integrated touch/swipe gestures, 4 types of effects including hundreds of separate effects. Most especially, all effects are supported live swipe gestures. Ruby Slider designed as module, build you optimal script size. Also integrates numerous other outstanding features: fully responsive, lazyload, image position, slideshow with timer, powerful api, cross browsers…

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Ruby Slider - Live Touch Effect Slider - 5

Ruby Slider - Live Touch Effect Slider - 6

  • Designed as module – get smallest size of plugins for each case.
  • Touch gestures – switch between slides easy and flexibility with support swipe gestures, especially with tabs have many slides or on the mobile devices. No need to worry, no need to trouble to switch dropdown menu on mobile devices. Tested on iOS, Android device.
  • Huge effects – Easily create thousands of beautiful effects with pre-build over 50+ css one, 250+ css two effects. Same time can create favorite, unique effects their own through ‘rubyanimate.js’ file. There’s also support line and fade effect for those who love the speed and simplicity. Ruby Slider have the most effect in the tabs plugin.
  • Hardware accelerated – Ruby Slider completely used new techniques used in the transition effects to create smooth transition, fastest, and saves the system memory.
  • Tabs layout – Ruby Slider is best the tabs plugin, integrated many powerful features: 5 skins with flat design, horizontal and vertical tabs, 14 position Tabs title, arrow & mark navigation…
  • Fully responsive in all browsers and devices : desktop – tablet – mobile.
  • Lazyload – slider initialized faster and smarter.
  • Suported image, video and iframe lazyload.
  • Slideshow – fully supported slideshow, timer, button ‘Play/Pause’, hoverpause functions. Automatic stop slideshow before the next slide not loaded and play back automatically when the next slide has loaded.
  • Timer – support to 2 type timer with flat style, special support more options in “timerArc” object.
  • 70+ starter templates – easily start using Ruby Slider with starter templates.
  • SEO friendly with html5 markup.
  • HTML5 data – easy setup options in JavaScript object like other jQuery plugins, same time support setup options via HTML5 data attributes.
  • Nested & multiple slider on the page with different skins.
  • Cross browsers – fully supported main browser on desktop and mobile devices. Also supported old browser IE8+
  • Fallback effects – css one, css two, css four effects fallback effect on old browser.
  • Powerful API – Ruby Slider easier control with more public methods and callback events.
  • Instant update options – easily update most options directly through “update” api.
  • Keyboard & Wheel navigation support.
  • Random effects – including ‘one’ effects and ‘out-in’ effects.
  • Outside markup – the components: navigation, title tabs, timer… can set up markup in any location on site. Makes it easy to create flexible layout, design is not tied.
  • Well documentation – step by step instructions to create Ruby Slider. Features brief description, concise, and illustrated more easily when begin using.
  • Free support & update – Ruby Slider always developing new features, regular updates as well as improve existing features.

Ruby Slider - Live Touch Effect Slider - 7

Version 1.6 – 11/11/2016

+ Added: "create CSS effect" template
+ Added: "preview CSS effect" template
+ Added: new "pixelRatio" option for Imageback
+ Fixed: find "PagItem" in markup
+ Fixed: remove "ruby01-old.css", "modernizr.js" in the all templates
+ Fixed: hidden the scrollX bar appear when the CSS effect running by the new "isBodyMaskInFxCSS" option

Version 1.5 – 16/10/2016

+ Initial release

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