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Wordpress Shortcodes - Accordions, Buttons, Blog Posts, Content Boxes, Columns, Dividers, Drop caps, Email Encoder, Highlight Text, Icons, Icons (minimal), Notification Boxes, Pricing Boxes, Pull Quotes, Social Icons, Tabs, Testimonials, Text Styles

Complete List of Features:


January 8, 2017 – Version 3.4.3

Links has been updated

January 8, 2017 – Version 3.4.2

New: Added Gap shortcode (empty spacer) ie. [vision_gap="50px"]
Update: Removed outdated content_formatter(), no longer needed
Update: Basic housecleaning and code cleanup

Version 3.4.1

New: Added font size attributes to Number Counter element
New: Added ability for large numbers with commas to Number Counter element
Update: Font-Awesome updated to it's latest version (4.7.0)

Version 3.4.0

New: Added plugin options panel (WP-Dashboard -> Vision)
New: Added ability to recieve automatic updates from the Dashboard. (simply add your purchase code to the new options panel)
Update: Removed functionality for WordPress 3.9 and below
Update: Font-Awesome updated to it's latest version
Update: Plugin versioning now 3-digit format (3.4.0)
Bug Fix: Removed function for "web-social.css" 

Version 3.3

Update: Miscellaneous bug fixes
Update: prettyPhoto script updated to most recent version

Version 3.2

New: FontAwesome Vector Icon Lists.
New: Animated "Services" List.
New: Animated "Features" List.
New: Animated Progress Bars (horizontal).
New: Animated Progress Bars (vertical).
New: Animated Number Counters.
New: Animated Circular Counters.
New: Animated Circular Counters (with icon).
New: "Gap Shortcode" - easily add space in your design.
Update: Cross-browser rendering of WordPress Dashboard
Update: Font Awesome v4.0.3 to v4.1.0
Update: Added new JS files required by new shortcodes.
Update: Converted "Social Icons" to Font-Awesome for reduced resources and faster page loading.
Update: Miscellaneous bug fixes

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