Tennis 3D Game

Fun tennis games, game screen HD smooth, user interface simple and practical easy to control, will bring you a new tennis game experience! The new AI difficulty from the primary to the advanced, can adapt to your level. Provide you with the right challenges and increase the difficulty as your skills improve.

Every time you win a cup, you can play a target game and get more gem rewards. Gems can be used to unlock more players and experience different styles. You don’t need more professional knowledge to enjoy the fun of tennis. Come and try it.

How to Play:

  • swipe your finger in all directions to hit tennis ball
  • the full ace is obtained by turns between the player and the opponents
  • Each tennis tournament consists 3 matches, each match consists 3 rounds too
  • Three points per round will win


  • More than 20 players can unlock
  • There is a gem challenge game to win each round
  • Simple control, easy to play
  • Single player game, can play offline
  • Ready To Publish
  • Top Trending Game
  • 64bits architecture (Ready to publish Android & IOS)
  • Admob Banner Ads
  • Admob Interstitial Ads
  • Fun Gameplay
  • Bright vibrant graphics
  • Simple and easy to play
  • Great time killer
  • Easy to Reskin

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