jQuery Audio Player (Music)

jQuery Audio Player

It is a minimised HTML5 audio music player based on jQuery. It is extremely lightweight and flexible to use. Also it supports live streaming, e.g. online radio station


  • MP3, OGG, Wav support
  • Clean interface
  • Easy to use
  • Playlist
  • AAC / AAC Plus Support
  • Live streaming support
  • Full featured control
  • Keyboard control/functionality
  • Shuffle, repeat, mute and share functions
  • Optional download, Amazon and Apple Music support
  • Circular seekbar
  • Easy to add & edit songs
  • Configurable features/layouts
  • Social media friendly

You only need to insert one line code inside your webpage and the player is ready to go. Therefore you can use it in any type website, from plain html to dynamic CMS sites such WordPress and Joomla.

e.g: <div class="DSPlayer" data-xmlpath="playlists/list1.xml" />

jQuery Audio Player

Configurable feature: It provides options to activate to deactivate some of the features of the player.

Technical features:

  • Modern interface
  • Responsive & cross browser
  • Playlist support
  • Pure HTML5, CSS3, jQuery
  • Facebook, Twitter & Google+ integrated
  • Detailed documentation
  • Implementation without using single line of code. All is done by entry with playlist file

jQuery Audio Player

Change Log

Version: 1.1, Quality checked, minor bugs fixed, Feb 2021

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