Appews X – A stand-alone app for all On-demand services

Appews X -A stand-alone app for all On-demand services

Appews X – A stand-alone app for all On-demand services

​Get a perfect start on launching an incredible on-demand multi-service application! With our Gojek clone, We provide services such as delivery, transportation, house maintenance, grooming services, and more packaged in one feature-rich magnificent application. Broadly put, we offer more than 60+ services in our Gojek clone app.​

​User App :-
Registration/ Log in.
Nearby Drivers/ Service Personal.
Book Now Or Book Later.
In-App Chat/ Call.
Multiple Payment Options.
Contactless Delivery.
Take Away.
SOS Button.
Booking/ Order History.
In-App Notifications.
Ratings & Reviews.
Driver App:-
Sign up/ Sign in.
Upload Documents.
Manage Profile.
Availability Toggle.
Accept/ Reject Requests.
Set Service Radius.
GPS-Enabled Navigation.
Link Bank Accounts.
Earning Details.
Service History.
Accept Multiple Requests.
User Feedback.
Admin Panel:-
Intuitive Dashboard.
Manage Users.
Manage Service Providers.
Manage Store.
Toggle Mode.
Commission Cut-down.
Offers and Discounts.
View Reviews and Ratings.
Analytics & Reports.
Advanced Features Of Our Gojek Clone App
Multiple Payment Gateways.
In-app Wallet.
Real-time Tracking.
Call Masking.
Corporate Trips.
Live Chat.
Income Statistics.
Many More….​

​Appews X is Gojke Clone App which Have Taxi, Motor, Foodie, Electricians, Etc Upto 60+ Services Available in Appews X

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