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Close the WooCommerce online sales store on the days and times you want.

This plugin works under the “WooCommerce” online sales plugin. On the days and times that you specify plugin will make add cart and order buttons invisible for your customers and displays a notification message that you can specify from the admin settings.


    • Set opening and closing times for each day of the week separately.
    • Set three different opening and closing times for each day.
    • Show a notification message across the store.
    • Show the currently selected times in the notification message.
    • Close the store without showing the notification message.
    • Set opening and closing dates for upcoming holidays.
    • With one click close your store.
    • Show a notification for your closing date.
    • Set separate notification message for each day.
    • Set separate notification message for dayparts.
    • Show a notification for your opening date when your store is closed.
    • Show the selected active date and time in your notification.
    • Set a popup for your notification.
    • Exclude pages for popup notification.
    • Send a reminder to your customer when store is opens. ( * with Woocommerce Remind Me Plugin )
    • Exclude a category of product.
    • Add countdown to your notification message.
    • Personalize your notifications.
    • Show your active notifications in the desired area with shortcuts.
    • Customize your shortcut notifications.
    • Authorize for different user roles.

    * The WooCommerce Remind Me plugin must be installed in order to the ‘Send a reminder to your customer when store is opens’ feature to work.

    More details


    Documentation page


    Live Demo

    You can set three different opening and closing times for the days of the week. The “checkbox” next to the day must be selected in order for the selected hours will be active. “WooCommerce” store will be opened online order at the selected time. Outside these hours, the “order” and “order complete” buttons will be invisible. If you have a message in the “Notification Message” field, it will be displayed.

    In the “Closing” and “Opening” areas you will close and open the store on your chosen dates. It is sufficient to make the date entries in order to close the shop at a upcoming date (for example, if you do not accept orders at holiday time). Automatic operation occurs when the selected date is valid.

    With one click close your store and shows general notification message.

    If your message has been countdown tag (You can use [countdown] tag), it will display live countdown the remaining time to your store’s opening or closing time / day.

    You can display the Weekly Opening-Closing Table or active notifications anywhere with ShortCode. You can show your store’s business days and times.

    By customizing your short code notification, you can make an ‘Under Construction’ notification for your site.

    Woocommerce Store Closing - 11

    With CSS support, you can customize notifications for your theme easily

    Full language support is available. English and Turkish language support is included in the package. If you help me, I can translate in your language with a little text.


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