WooCommerce Smart Pricing

Creates smart prices

This plugin works under WooCommerce. Allows you to specify different prices for different user roles. Supports single user based rules. You can give discount or increase to a specific user or role base. You can set the smart price rules as a percentage or amount. You can set smart price definition for multiple roles or users. You can set smart price conditions for products on the cart.


  • You can create smart price with role-based.
  • You can create smart price with user-based.
  • You can create smart price with product-based.
  • You can select product category.
  • You can set priority for rules.
  • You can set your rule discount based.
  • You can set your rule on an incremental basis.
  • You can set rate.
  • You can set pure amount.
  • You can set discount for product by quantity limit.
  • You can set discount for product by cart total.
  • You can define unlimited rules.
  • You can prevent zero product price.
  • You can prevent negative product price.
  • You can set a minimum limit for your product price.


More details

Documentation page

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WooCommerce Smart Pricing - 1

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