WooCommerce Delivery Price

Allows you to limit the cart total according to delivery zones

You can set the cart total limits according to the delivery zones. You can hide the payment button if the cart total below your limits. You can display a smart message for the minimum cart total for the customer’s selected delivery zone. You can choose which elements of the checkout page will be shown, and which are hidden. You can add an unlimited number of delivery zones and set the limits.


  • You can set different limits according to delivery zones.
  • You can activate or deactivate these according to payment methods.
  • You can activate or deactivate these according to shipping methods.
  • You can set a location-based cart total limit.
  • You can hide checkout fields.
  • Closes or opens the payment button according to the limit.
  • The cart total for the selected delivery zone shows the limit message.
  • Customize limit message with smart tag.
  • It creates unlimited number of options.
  • You can select the area where the Delivery Zone label will be displayed.
  • With CSS support, you can customize for your theme easily.


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