Hover Sounds


Hover Sounds for WordPress allows playing sounds when interacting with elements in page. Sounds can be attached to any HTML element on page. Hover sounds can be played on hover or on click.
You can use Hover Sounds to promote products, create interactive elements in page or audio books. It’s a simple way to create an engaging piece of content.

  • Play sound on hover or click
  • Attach sound effect to any HTML element
  • Add sound effect to images
  • Create custom (pause / play) buttons with sound effect
  • Play ASL / sign language video
  • Override WordPress audio embed in page with sound effects
  • Option to play multiple sounds at once when click is used


  • Note that for a sound to start playback on hover, its necessary for user to interact with the page before (like a click or keypress or using window scroll)





Updates / Changelog

VERSION 1.05 [.2.2021]

 - [UPDATE] option and help guide how to add sounds to sections in Elementor 

VERSION 1.0 [7.11.2020]

 - first release

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