inventory angular with laravel


    -User role bug fix
     2020-12-14 (v3.0.3)
    -Added backend validation
    -Frontend form validation bug fix
     2020-10-17 (v3.0.2)
    - Separate public and private api
   - FrontEnd code refactoring
     2020-10-14 (v3.0.1)
    - Bug Fix: Category and DamagedProduct
     2019-11-15 (v3.0)
    - Bug Fix: Product Add
     2019-09-26 (v3.0)
    - Update: version angular 8
     2019-09-17 (v3.0)
   - update invoice print view
     2019-06-25 (v3.0)
    - Update: version angular 7 & laravel 5.6
     Code Refactoring
     2018-11-27 (v3.0)
    - Update: version angular 6 & laravel 5.6
     2018-07-27 (v2.0)
    - Update: reduce installation time.
     2018-02-06 (v1.0)

Dear reviewer,

We have created our first project for Envato which included these features below.

  • Mobile compatible.
  • Supplier management
  • Customer management.
  • User management & user permission
  • Product management
  • Purchase management
  • Sales management
  • Purchase report
  • Sales report
  • PDF report generate
  • Excel report generate

We have checked our product that doesn’t contain
-SQL Injection
-Cross site scripting

Also these product doesn’t contain any third party license.


inventory angular 8 + laravel 5.6 laravel_backend - 1


URL: NGB Inventory
Admin Login
Username: [email protected]
Password: 12345
User Login
Username: [email protected]
Password: 12345

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